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Thursday, January 6, 2011

U.S.! Here we come!!! Oops... I mean 'my dad'~

My dad will be going to U.S. tonight!


Yes, I know...

I'm not included...

But, I'm forcing him to bring back some souvenirs,

So, I'm satisfied~

Don't go calling me unreasonable now!

I'm not! literally, I'm not!

Just that, I want something as a remembrance,

even if I didn't went there.


I guess, it is a somewhat ingenuous way to overcome my dejection,

of not being able to go too...

Oh, well,


I just wish for my dad to go and come back home safely!

Be careful over there, daddy dear!

Hope you'll always remember to ask for protection for Allah the all mighty!

Rest assured,

I'll pray for your safety too throughout your journey, Amin...

Ok, now pictures! pictures! haha~

Lots more to come~^^ (cause this is before departure)

PS: Souvenir! Souvenir! Souvenir! haha~

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