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Friday, March 25, 2011

D-DAY.... *drums roll*

Yes, supposedly, this was supposed to be posted a week ago,

But, because of some unavoidable circumstances(due to yours truly....ehem....),

It is posted today, instead!

So,, let's just pretend that today is 23rd of March, k? hihi


Today was the SPM result day for the 2010 Form 5 students,

I had promised with Amira Rahim to meet up with her at her house,

As we’ll be going together to take our SPM results at 10:00am.

So, at approximately 8:50am, I went down to the bus stop in front of Politeknik,

To wait for a bus to go to Amira Rahim’s house.

Waiting until 9:10am, I saw a bus coming and dropping some Politeknik students in front of Politeknik’s main entrance (the bus stop is situated to the left and at around 150m from the main entrance of Politeknik),

I was quite pleased that I didn’t have to wait that long for the bus unlike some days…

But, I guess I was too quick to be pleased about it,

Cause, unexpectedly, some problems occurred to said bus,

And it hadn’t moved from said position even after 10 minutes of me waiting at the bus stand…


As a result, I had to wait for another bus to come.

I took another 20 minutes after that for another bus to come,

This means I had just wasted 50 minutes just to wait for a bus!

Talk about what a waste of time…

Well, anyways, I reached the Amira Rahim’s house,

So, that’s that.

From there she drove us in her car, Kancil to pick Atikah, Nofa, and Bella up,

And straight to school we go.

At school, I somehow parted with them and just roamed around by myself until 10:30am since that’s the time where the results were out.

When the results were given out, I was one of the earliest persons who took my results.

My results were 1A+ 2A 3B+ 4C+…

I was a bit disappointed with the results that I got,

But I guess that was expected,

I hadn’t really studied hard to earn such good marks…

Studying like mad 3 days before SPM doesn’t really promise much good of a results, huh….

What to do…

The idiom “you reap what you sew” really does like to hit me dead on at sensitive places like this…

Cruel life… *sob sob* (TAT)~

OK, let’s forget ‘bout the dilemma of my life and onwards!!

picas picas everyone~ :D

Just after that, my sister and her friends picked me up and we went to Ipoh.



It wasn’t to celebrate the getting my SPM results,

Or to make some pity party to console my somewhat little broken of a heart,

Or anything that concerns me in any way for that matter…

We went back to Ipoh because my sister needed to ransack our house (in Ipoh) to find her missing certificates…

After she found her certificates, we spent the day at JJ.

And cause I’m too lazy to write ‘bout the other things we did in JJ,

I’ll make some short notes out of it.

We ate at McDonald’s.

I played at the Capcom.

Wasted so much money there. *sob sob*

They (my sister’s friends) tried and bought some clothes.

I bought some Big Apple donuts. Just 3. No money.

And we went back home.

Und das ist das Ende! :D

Good day~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sky so blue...

i really miss looking at the sky,

when everything is blue,

without a single cloud~

It's really hard to find the sky being so blue without a single cloud these days in Malaysia...*sighs* ( ;___;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Utter failuree...

I baked a cake last night...

at 11:48 pm if i'm not mistaken...

Weird, huh? Baking a cake in the middle of the night...

But, that's me!

I took the recipe from the internet...

It's called Easy Delicious Moist Chocolate Cake!

Sounds easy and delicious, right?

...but, it wasn't...

I utterly failed in baking it...

Not only it isn't moist.... it isn't delicious too!

I failed as a baker...*sob sob*

But my mom says it looks nice! at least on the outside,

So, i guess I'm a "lil" happy for baking it..

I'm gonna try to make a truffle chocolate cake next!

...after i eat all of the "failure" i called cake first that is...~("> , <)~ *wiggles away*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

From bad to worst...

Most part of this post is about me complaining and ranting 'bout some occurrence and how my luck turned from bad to worst in a single day... technically in just 5 hours...*insert angst*

So, if you don't want to read it, do excuse yourselves, so that, no blood will be shed today~ :)

OK, Let's see...

I went to Naidu the other other day to take my 3 hours of motorcycle practical in which will let me get my “L” license.

I was really anxious since Prevena told me that they wouldn’t teach me how to drive a motorcycle there,

And they’d ask me to learn it first beforehand, and then I can get my license!

But, how do I learn it if I don’t have a motorcycle and all?

That’s just plain crazy and unreasonable.

They wouldn’t not let me take the test since I’ve already paid it all, right?

Or so that’s what I had thought.

Alas, said thought was wrong. I was really refused to be taught by said ‘teacher’…

I was infuriated to a point beyond compare as I thought of the situation…

“Then, basically, I guess those who don’t have a motorcycle and have no skills or experience in motorcycles whatsoever won’t ever get a motorcycle license la?”

“That’s freakin’ bullshit!” I screeched in my head. *do excuse the vulgarism…huhuhu…*

But, I wasn’t allowed to go back home, though.

Nope, not at all.

I had to sit there at the side for about 1 and a half hours just looking at the other students driving the motorcycles…

I felt like a substitute player who’s been sitting on the bench,

From the start of the game,

Until the very end…


Miss that movie.

Oh! You’d think that’s already sad?

There’s more.

Unfortunately for me, I forgot I left my new shoes in our Myvi car,

In which, my brother had brought to KL.


I had to use my mother’s sports shoes,

Which she had bought it for RM15.

…I’m not complaining, people!

In fact, I had nothing to complain about it since I’m the one, who’s borrowing it,


I notice that the shoe sole of which I’m wearing on my right foot,

Was half way of tearing itself off!!!

And I was already on the bus on the way to Naidu!

What bad luck…==

Not only that, on my way out of the van,

I bumped my head HARD against the roof the van…


Ignoring the pain (and a lil bit of embarrassment), I immediately went straight into the office and ask to use their paper staple.

It didn’t do any much good…

If I were only able to use a staple gun, then maybe it’ll stick longer…*sighs*

But I guess it’s better than nothing.

And after that, said incident happened!

For which you already know, since it’s the very first thing for which I’ve told you~ X)

Oh! Another thing that happened which was a depressing fact for me was that…

Said ‘teacher’ and me…

Wore the same color and pattern of clothing, orange and white stripes!!!!!!

Argh~!!!!! Infuriating~!!!!! /(>[]<)\~~~

*sighs* but I can’t do anything ‘bout it,

And it’s already in the past, so, don’t care anymore la.

The other 1 and a half hours were left learning some rules, the courses we’ll be going through and some final advices.

The ‘teacher’ didn’t seem half bad here,

But I still feel a lil angry at him for not teaching me how to ride the bike…

Oh! And so for your info, I still got the ‘L’ license!

Cool, ain’t it?

I don’t even have to touch the motorcycle for it! :D

At the end of lesson, my other shoe’s sole torn off too as its sibling did. *stupid shoes…==*

I had to staple it too…

When I reached home, it immediately went to the trash can~

Sayonara, 15 dollar~ (ringgit actually~ hihi)

Onwards to the next day,

Amira Rahim came to teach me how to ride a motorcycle!

We actually promised to meet up at the entrance of the Politeknik in the morning but she had some works to do,

So, afternoon it is. At 3 o’clock to be specific.

I was already at the entrance at 3,

And I waited,

And waited,

And waited until 3:15…

However, she still wasn’t there…

And it was freakin’ hot….

And since I couldn’t take the heat anymore,

I went to the Pak Guard station and asked if I could wait there…

It seems that it wasn’t Amira Rahim that I’d lepak with that day,

But the Pak Guards instead, ha!

Talk ‘bout quite a change in plan.

I waited for her with the Pak Guards until 4…

Then, I really lost any hope for her to come already.

And also because the sky had become grey and it suddenly rained heavily at Politeknik.

Luckily for me, I already made my way to canteen before the rain started.

Bought some drinks and went to my mother’s office and met up with my sister,

Who took me back home.

Just as I arrived home, Amira Rahim suddenly appeared!

She was wet, not soaking wet, but still can be considered wet!

And I thought she wouldn’t come! Sorry Amira Rahim! Lol~XD

Before she had come, my mom had asked me to come along with her and dad back to Ipoh,

But since she’s here, I told my mom I won’t be able to tag along with them this time.

It was a really scary experience for me to ride a motorcycle,

Cause I wasn’t really able… what’s the word… adapt (?) to using the rear brake.

It seems that I am too accustomed on breaking with hand brakes and legs as such we do on bycicles,

I did the same thing while riding motorcycles!

Old habits die hard, eh?

Nevertheless, habit or not, I’m getting better bit by bit!

Not entirely yet, but at least I could now say I HAVE the experience straight to that “teacher’s” face!

Ha! Take that! You didn’t think I could learn to ride didn’t you?

Think again! Bwahahahaha~



*cough cough* Do excuse me for that…

Well, that’s all to it! Wait fer the next post, ya? :D