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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Electricity's out!!!

Surprise, surprise~

I really do love surprises!

At times, that is.

Though I don't like the surprise that I got just this Wednesday...

I was playing Sly Cooper 3 using the PS2,

I was just about to complete the mission,

Which I have died in the mission for like 6 times...

"Just a lil bit more..." I thought...


"poof!" there was nothing on the TV screen anymore!

"WTH!!!!" I screamed. In my head only, mind you.(since I didn't want to wake my brother up)

So, I went to check up the main distribution fuse box(I just learn of its name just now! Ha!),

And tried to flip the switch to see if maybe there was a short circuit or something,

But unexpectedly, it was still as good as new.

Conclusion, there's a black out...

*sighs* "what a drag..." I thought to myself...

I haven't even cooked anything for us yet (my bro and me),

With the powers out, I couldn't cook any rice...

Luckily for us, there were still some rice from yesterday night leftovers.

So, I cooked a plate of omelet rice,

With only eggs, soy sauce and rice as the ingredient.

So, plain right?

But, what to do?

I was lazy to prepare any other ingredients and it tasted OK,

So, OK je la! :p

Well, that said plate of omelet was eaten by the two of us...

I ate half and my brother ate the other half.

Basically, with no electricity, means no fans were working.

No fans were working means that it was hot.

No electricity + the hotness + half filled stomach = miserably hunger + boredom + frustration + sweaty bodies

We were like melted ice-creams when my sister and Kak Sue came back...

All that I could think of at the moment was that I wanted to eat some red bean paste paos...

Basically, delicious hot steamed buns~

Weird thought, no?

But, that was what I wish I had at the moment... haha

Then out of the blue, the thought of playing Monopoly came up,

And we played it until night, which lead to cooking dinner.

It was really hard to cook for dinner since there weren't any lights on...

But alas, amidst cooking (like at the end really), the electricity came back!

Banzai! Thank god! Syukur Alhamdulilah! :D

And the night went as usual~ :)

Which really wasn't, but I'm too lazy to talk about it...

So that's it!

Oh! I forgot to mention, I was playing "Tinier Me" yesterday when I befriended a player there~

She told me of a movie called "Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses" in Youtube because I said that I was bored...

Really weird movie, I mean, literally, WEIRD! :o

But I enjoyed it, since it's...weird? XD

Here's some memoirs of the dark~

And the darkness went on and on and on until morning, that is~ :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

After the last drop falls…

I really enjoy the rain.

I enjoyed listening to the sounds of Mr. rain ‘hitting on’ lady leaves and the ever gorgeous lady flower,

Watching the full of zip little water droplets surfs down never-endingly on the surface of the windows,

And how mother rain cleans up every baby things that it set eyes upon.

I never seem to get tired of them.

Nevertheless, though I enjoy the rain,

It appears that, I enjoy the moment ‘after’ the rain more… :D

My raison d'être? That’s easy.

I love it how,

Baby air, in which couldn’t escape from the hands of mother rain before,

Could now fool around again, making the atmosphere feel cool and light.

Oh! Don’t forget the little naughty puddles!

They wouldn’t let you get away without splashing some water at you~

Or the baby droplets that’s sleeping on the arms of lady leaves or lady flowers,

Aren’t they just adorable?

And maybe at times,

The ever shy little rainbow would build up some courage,

To peek its undeniably lavish head just for a little while,

Between the delicious cotton candy clouds.

Aren't they all just too wonderful of a sight to see? :)

PS: My imaginative mind is bursting with ideas nowadays! I’m feeling quite happy ‘bout it~ :D

Friday, February 11, 2011


Supposed to be Thursday's post! But, due to some unfortunate circumstances,

It became today's! :D


Sometimes, you would have thought that one would planned beforehand if one would like to go somewhere,

And sometimes, you would thought that, that ‘one’ would have all but figured it out EARLIER what they’d do on that said journey like maybe a day or two earlier than the day that they wanted to go if they were an adult,

Or so that’s what I usually thought…

But, I guess, I thought wrong.

I was sleeping this not-so-morning-anymore,

When my bro (the so called ‘adult’ that I’d thought he is and what he precisely should be) just barged into my room and said,

“Let’s go to KL as in now!” with much enthusiastic you would find in a 5 year old boy.

My mind was in a jumble from just waking up at that moment.

As such, the only thing that I could think of saying was, “uh…OK, I guess?”.

And with just that, I woke up clearly and got ready, since the train leaves at 3.05pm.

We took a taxi (which wasn’t really easy to find so to speak) to Ipoh Railway Station.

The taxi driver, an old lady in her 40’s or 50’s (I think?), was a really kind lady,

She talked to us (more to my brother) all the way to the railway station.

The only funny thing about her was that;

She couldn’t stop telling my brother ‘what a handsome boy he is!’

It would be like; ‘you are really so handsome la, boy!’ or ‘boy, you are handsome la!’ and so on.

Nonstop! All the way!

I couldn’t stop laughing ‘bout it!

Sorry bro! You handsome boy! Lol~ :D

The train that we were taking was the KTM-ETS (Electric Train Service),

It was said to be the fastest train in Malaysia! Or so I was told.

After we bought the tickets and bought some food to eat,

My bro and I went to look for our train,

There was already a train on the railway at the moment,

I asked my brother if it was our train,

But my brother said that it wasn’t since the train that we were boarding was a train with the no.9205 while that train’s number was no. 9102,

He also said it couldn’t be our train since it looked old and all.

But, just after that, I think he felt it a bit weird that why our train hasn’t come yet,

So, he went and asked some officers-in-charge there,

And was told that the train that I was talking about really was our train.

Isn’t that just outright embarrassing yet again?

The inside of the train was pretty unlike the outer, much.

During which we were on the train,

My brother on his netbook and we watch a movie called, “How To Lose Friends& Alienate People” starring Simon Pegg.

I really love the movies that Simon Pegg was in,

Nevertheless, alas, Simon Baker won my heart~ 

The movie was freaking hilarious but sorry to disappoint,

It has some scenes that are not appropriate to be seen by kids and teenagers below the age of 18.

So, don’t watch this at home kids! (If you want to watch it anywhere else, that’s your own problem, k? XP)

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur railway station at about 5.10pm or so,

This may surprise some of you, but, although I’ve written so much posts of going to KL and all,

I, no, we’ve never stopped at KL railway station before!

This was our first time there!

Got to take some pictures for as a souvenir to remember! :D

After that, we went to the Central Market to do our prayers.

Then, we just roamed around in the Central Market,

And bought some ‘facebook’ and a ‘twitter’ key chain!

Sweet, ain’t it?

Thereafter, we went and walked to the place where my father plays his table tennis games.

Took some pictures along the way~ (mainly of the new Puduraya bus terminal)

Stayed there until 10.12pm,

Thenceforth, went to eat at an Arabian Restaurant called the “Al-Rawsha Restaurant”,

We, as in my bro and me, (my dad’s excluded) were really excited of being in there,

Since it really look like we were in Arab just by eating there!

Though we don’t really know how a restaurant in Arab really looks like, but still!!!

It’s just the feeling of enthusiastic that courses through us while being there at the moment! :D

But, the price of the food were just…wow! I mean, really WOW!!

There was even a food that cost RM90! (-_-“)

Nonetheless, in the end, the food though pricey (which was supposed to be meant that it tastes good, or so that’s what I thought…) didn’t suit my stomach…

I could only gobble up 1/3 of the food, or was it 1/4? I can’t remember it clearly…

But the drink that I ordered tasted really nice!

It’s called, the “Al-Rawshaa Special”, it really was special in its own way, indeed.

My brother ordered a bottled drink called... I don't know? haha~

Don’t be fooled people! Though it may look like some alcohol, It isn’t!

It is 100% alcohol free, malt water.

I tried to taste it first but it was bitter, so again, not my taste.

I am one PICKY girl, aren't I?

But, somehow, my brother could drink it all.

And people say we have the same taste in everything,

Weird… (=A=)

In the end, I still prefer Saba’ Restaurant’s Briyani Rice than Al-Rawsha Restaurant’s.

Afterwards, we went back home (my dad’s house).

And that’s all there is and there isn’t anymore. For today, at least… :D