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Friday, August 23, 2013

Confusing result.

I've gotten my exam result. Alhamdullillah, I've passed all my subjects. Though they're just 'OK' I guess? Barely passed one of em with a B- too. Scary much?

There is a funny story to how I got my provisional result. On the supposed date that the provisional result should be posted that was July 16th, I sent a text for my result and waited a while for the reply message. I was literally sweating bullets while waiting for the text. How could I not? I had to take a test on one of the worst subjects I'm in; Bahasa Malaysia.

...Don't give me that look.

I know I'm half Malay and half Chinese but that doesn't mean that I'd be born an expert in either language! Ironically, I'm just average on both languages and better in a whole other language that is English. I don't even have any English blood in me! Ha, weird! Maybe I do have English ancestry in my veins to which I didn't know of? ... Nah. That's just wishful thinking. I'm just weird. -_-

Ok I'm way off topic.. back to the story at hand. When I got the reply message and read it, I felt like my heart just went just stopped working for a moment.

Look here!

I felt like my heart just got ripped out of my ribs, dropped on the floor, rolled on the road and got smashed to pieces by a moving car; barely beating.

W- Wh-- What..? What is this?!
What does this mean? Did I fail? Am I being trolled? 

What is the meaning of this?? 

I was really flustered until I realized something. The provisional result would only tell me whether I'd passed or failed my subjects. 

Could it be...

So I tried forwarding the the text and here's what I got.

As "Pass = P, Fail = F" it was no wonder that I got those smiley faces! My phone changed it so! On another note, good god Alhamdulillah! I passed all of my subjects!

And that's the story of how I was trolled by own phone. Well done, phone. You've won this time. Meh. -_-*

Friday, August 2, 2013

Break(fast)! :D

Haven't posted anything for a while that it made my hands numb from the lack of use. My imagery skills to write has also succumbed to the degree of nonexistence. I couldn't even describe a good food that i ate not too long ago. Here's how it went, I was chatting with my friend about food in Penang when I told my friend of a lamb chop that I ate at Tokong Ular. When she asked me how it was, all i could say was it was 'good' with just a little twist in it. Like,

'The lamb chop was good.'
'It was really really good'
'Sedap gilerrr~'.
'hen hao chi de~!'
'Manyak sedap punye~'

Felt like Yoda there.  'Good, the lamb chop was.' I wonder what happened to my imagination. On the other hand, is it my imaginations that is lacking or my vocabulary that is getting redundant by the day. I haven't got the chance to use them nowadays so I guess that's a possibility as well. I guess the saying practice makes perfect is true with the proof that my nonpracticing the use of my vocabularies makes me forget about them. OK, maybe not all of em(if not, how did I even describe everything just now. haha) but you get what I mean ei? :p

Anyway, for your info, it has been a month since my 2nd semester has ended! 6 semesters to go. *dead* 2nd semester was fun and hectic, like normal. We had more assignments than tests for this semester. We even had to do a Bollywood themed drama as one of the task. I ended up acting as an Indian girl call Rishika. I, a half Malay and half Chinese acting as an Indian. Also can lah~  It was hard to act as Rishika. The character was supposedly a shy and quiet girl, real feminine and all; while I'm loud and boisterous. Let me tell you this, having a loud voice and a really sporty demeanor does not help when you're trying to act all shy and ladylike. Urgh.. Practices were a nightmare. There were quite a number of conflicts and arguments happened while we practiced but the result was good. OK la, it was heck fun! I'm lucky to have willing comrades to do the drama with. It was undeniably memorable.

The two exchange students in my course, Madoka-nee and Bora-noona(not unni cause it sounded to girly and cute for my taste. :p) has finally ended their studies in Malaysia and returned back to their homeland. It was a great experience to have exchange students in our course. Plus, they were really cute and supporting as well! This made me feel like going for it as well; exchange student programme I mean. I bet it will be a great experience and I can get the chance to travel a new country too. That's a plus! On another note, I have to think of the cons as well like I'll have to extend a semester or two due to that and the fact that I won't be taking the same classes of my coursemates now if I were to extend my course. Haa.. I guess sometimes you win some you lose some.

Talking about another topic, I spent most of my second semester with the same members from my first semester; Abe Bu, Abe Syapiee, Kak Anis, Kak Mieza and Kak Shiela. We tend to do about almost everything together; eating, shopping, studying (even though our courses are different), hanging out, staying up for last minute assignments or last minute revision, etc. It's kinda amazing how close we were able to be just because of a competition we participated together in our first semester (except for kak Mieza, we met her due to our love for food. :p). Every one of us actually participated the competition with different intentions; nonetheless our friendship lasted even after it ended and I can’t describe how much I appreciate it. I hope it’ll last even after our studies has reached its end in USM.

OH! I nearly forgot! My brother got married already and I managed to go to both of his weddings! Whoop whoop! Supposedly, I wasn't able to go to his wedding in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan due to my curriculum activity which was set on every Saturday; however, somehow the weekly activity was canceled on the eleventh hour(like on the night before my brother's wedding! Couldn't they tell us any sooner? -_-) and I was free to go. I had to rush for the bus with the help of Abe Bu. He drove like mad since it was already 10 at night at that time. Luckily, when we reached the bus station, there was a bus to Negeri Sembilan which was about to set for departure. If I was a little bit later, I would have missed it. Alhamdulillah~ Didn't get a wink of sleep because it was freaking cold in the bus and I didn't have my sweater on for some unknown reason. It was expected that my eyes was as thin as paper during the whole ceremony.  The other wedding, which was in Ipoh, was less stressful though tiring the same.Nevertheless, I guess all in all, it was worth the trouble to see my brother getting wed.

Ok.. I don't know what else to say, so, I guess they are for a later day. So that's it for today! Hence, I have done my task to write a post after so long of procrastinating. "Hannah Level Up! Achievement Unlocked!" Thanks for reading! :D