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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm sorry!!!

*sighs* it's been a while since I lay down and see the blue sky....


Oh, sorry bout that rumbling...

And yes, I’ve promised to write something about my trip to China,

but since it will take so much time to write about it,

and my head is spinning quite a lot nowadays,

I’m gonna have to say sorry cause I’m not going to write about it.

I don’t really have any mojo to write about it.


Ehem, moving on…

Living in Uitm has brought much hectic-ness in my life…

Assignments, quizzes, assignments, quizzes, assignments…

Most of my days are filled with only that… haiz….

Well, I made times for myself too,

Such as hanging out with friends, drinking coolblog, playing water beside the lake, sprouting profini-- haha…, and as such! :D

I’m having quite the time of my life really! (ignoring the assignments, quizzes, some lingering feelings for home, awfully annoying basta***, and etc etc~)

I’ve stumbled upon some problems along the way,(many actually!)

But, I’ve managed to burst through it! And I meant about the BURST part. :)

My migraines coming up again… urgh… logging out…

PS: sorry peeps! I’ll try to write more some other time… :'(

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum~

It has been such a long time since I've updated...

Life's just been full of adventures (and some hectic stuff) this past two weeks and a half..

And now my body feels as old as an 81 year old's, seriously!

It felt as if it was bent and twisted and fold and bent and fold again! (Is such a thing even possible?)

I really REALLY wanted to write t all down, my adventures I mean but time and I are just not that good of an acquaintances yet...(and maybe not in a million years we won't...==)

Will try my best to find sometime to write it all up!

So, until next time! :I

PS:Made some new friends~ giler2 sume nye hak3~ xDDD

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

straight is it?

went to a hair salon to cut my hair...

liked a hairstyle from a mag there,

but didn't want my bangs to be cut as short as it was in the mag...

so, asked em just to cut straight (the same length as the back)...

Unfortunately, the 'straight' that she thought was the 'straight' cut bangs!!!

Now, i look like a Chinese doll... or was it Japanese?

haiz.... manyak susah leh....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dandy dandy~

Random boredom takes over... haha :D

"Again the flowers of spring has come to an end,
letting summer claims its place instead,
Before fall waltzes in and sweeps the leaves away,
Leaving nothing in sight, before it too gives up its stead,
For winter to settle in,
The cold silver winter then disperse all that is hot,
Until the spring, flowers all over again.

By the end of this, wouldn't you see,
at the very end of hardships,
as the heat of the summer,
the gloominess of fall,
and the coldness of winter,
The flowers of spring will always come about again.

In the end, things will always end up the least we imagine it to be,
but, try to never give up and do have faith till the very end.

author - Hannah Yee of 2010"

why do you hate me so much lil kitties? (;___;)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Me hungry...

3 down…. 5 more to go… *flops down*

I’m just getting started on replacing my puasa in which I had been forced to slipped out of during the fasting month…

Most of my friends had already done their deal a while ago,

And I’m currently left behind…

And somehow, their reactions to this were;

“What? You haven’t ‘ganti’ it yet? I had done mine just after raya!”

“Gosh, Hannah! How come you still haven’t done it yet?”

…or, “hahaha… I already knew this’ll happened if it concerns you… :D”

…does NOT ‘ganti-ing’ my puasa earlier really THAT of a shock?

I mean really REALLY that surprising?

If it were someone else, I bet they wouldn’t have that kind of a reaction,

But, why, when it concerns me, they’d make such a big deal out of it?

Oh come on lads! There are like, still half (or even just a quarter if you think half is so much) the population of female Muslims in Malaysia(or maybe even the world!) that still hadn’t done ‘ganti-ing’ their puasa yet just like me!

And I, at least, am trying my best in ‘ganti-ing’ them at that! *sob sob*

Comparing myself to those thousands of more female Muslim,

My situation is not that bad, ain’t it?

(Alas, I guess, that’s just my own opinion…huhuhu…*sob sob*)

PS: Still have 1 hour and a half more until Maghrib.
Am currently feeling woozy, giddy and dizzy.
And also having some delusions about some dancing donuts… looks really tempting…*drools* :L

Friday, April 22, 2011

...where did my brain go?

After I had done my interview,

It felt like a burden on my shoulders have left,

And that my friend, felt really really good~ *stretches like a cat*

And thus, my boring dayss moved on without a single excitement again....




I miss "Mistah Skeleton"... :'\

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

May I have a word with myself?

As some may already know,

I have a car driving test tomorrow…

And of course some ubiquitous and random feelings such as;

Freakin’ out,

Nervous breakdown,

Pessimistic or negative thoughts,

Would particularly tag along without fail.

And in the midst of it,

A pleasant-yet-not-a-good-timing news was suddenly smacked upon me,

Which says that I’m chosen for an interview for the TESL course in UiTM!

It’s a pleasant news, correct?

But, as I wrote before, the timing for it isn’t what I’d expect…


It is on the 16th of April which is this Saturday!

And I have a test tomorrow too!

What a way to squeeze one’s self in a tight situation…

For some, they would say that this isn’t much of a tight situation,

But, it is!

For me, at least…

I had just only been able to drive smoothly on the road today,

Even though I’ve practiced it for more than 6 times…

And this was the last practice that I could do too! (since the test is tomorrow and all)

And now, a new challenger comes forth to challenge me…

A girl who had only read comic books, read fan fictions, and played facebook for most of her life…

I didn’t even know that our prime minister had changed if it weren’t for my friends talking about him by coincidence… (I don’t even know how the conversation ended with us talking about the prime minister…)

How am I supposed to go through the driving test or the interview for that matter?

I am so dead… to the third degree… literally dead…

PS: A souvenir I took in the car that I practice driving (which I could say quite well) on the road today. Thanks Mr. Zan, you’re a great driving mentor! Mr. Siong and Mr. Fauzi too! And Mr. Man too (though I don’t particularly like you, but I guess, you’re OK!) I hope we won’t meet at that place again! (Anywhere else, can~ :D)

Now, let’s all pray for Japan. (and don’t forget about me too! Do pray for my success! X|)

Monday, April 11, 2011

I passed~ :)

I just passed my motorcycle test!

Sayonara motorcycles and hellooo car! :D

LOL~ i can't believe it myself but I did! :D

no more additional blues n blacks on my legs after this!

and lucky for Naidu, they wont have anymore broken side mirrors~ :P

How do I did so?


I GORGEOUSLY jump off the motorcycles (notice that I wrote the motorcycle with the "s" on its end) and let them meet their end...

FYI, I broke two of their (Naidu's) side mirrors~

and spilled the motorcycle fuel once too...

Aren't I just THAT awesome~ :]

Starting the engine is ONE of MANY reasons for the bruises on my legs just for your info... :D

BTW, anak naidu said that;" You are the first girl to ever fall more than 3 times, have bruises covered all over her legs, broken 2 side mirrors of different motorcycles, spilled the motorcycle, and still have the face and courage to come learn to drive motorcycle!"

This jus proves more of my AWESOMENESS~ lol XD

Anyways, I'm taking the car test this Wednesday ~

Wish me the best of luck, ok?

And hope that I won't damage the car as I did to the motorcycles.... hehe... :F

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is it me or was it them?

I’m having a dilemma of whether or not should I ‘stand my grounds’,

Or just give in, take it all in and just let it subside through time.

…It’s really hard to be the youngest in a group of adults…

…Oh! I’m sorry.

I’m sure you are wondering what I am babbling about…

But I’m guessing you’ve already gotten some ideas of it had something to do with being a youngster…

For some of you who might know me or read my posts before,

You might have figured it out already that I like to talk and joke… a lot…

For those who didn’t, now you know…

I realized that since my usual talks were more to jokes,

My opinions were never much considered seriously by others, who are much older than me,

Even if I was being serious at that moment.

Yes, I know I joke a lot,

And that I’m much younger,

And don’t have much knowledge, experiences, or even much fact to back up the things that I’m talking about,

But, is it right, for them,

Who are supposed to be older,

Much more mature,

More knowledgeable,

And more experienced in life than me,

To just brush off my opinions as if it were mere jokes?

I know that I’m young,

That I’m still naïve and oblivious about some things in the world,

But shouldn’t I still have the rights to give opinions and be considered as an equal at some point?

On the contrary, my opinions on some things would always lead to arguments in which I would always need to relent in the end to them because of their reasons that;

“You don’t understand at all!”

“You just have to listen to me since I’m more experienced than you!”

“Grow up already of your childish thinking…”

“I have lived much longer than you, I know more about the life than you do!”

“You’re still too young to understand.”

How much older do I need to be to be considered an equal?

I’m already 18 for heaven’s sake!

How much longer do I still need to use others name as an excuse of my own reasoning on some things?

Can’t I just say, “I think…” rather than “I’ve heard from…” to have my opinions to be considered seriously?

How much longer do I need to always just take others opinions?

Even though some of my opinions were indeed the undeniable truth/fact or could be considered good opinions in the end?

Was it wrong for me to joke around and laugh too much?

Should I not have joked and laughed before?

Was it really entirely my own fault for it to be this way?

How should I know it’ll turn out this way if I’d be too overly “happy-go-lucky”…

I never intended it to be this way.

I guess I just proved to myself I was really still naïve, eh?

I guess I was not considerate enough.

I guess I shouldn’t be selfish of my own reasoning and be more understanding.

I guess I’m still too young.

I’m sorry for the ramblings;

I’ll try to be more mature next time…

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blacks and blues...

The common things that I see nowadays are;

-the 4 walls of my room.

-the screen of my laptop.

-some awfully cute (and some crazy) dogs.

-the naidu's motorcycle driving course.

-the blue (sometimes orange) sky (when I fall off of the motorcycle...).

-and the multiple blacks and blues on my legs (Surprisingly, there weren't any reds~)(ehem... that... i can't let you see...haha~ :D)

I'm getting bored of this...

Dead bored...

I'm dying for some malls! Cafes! Bowling balls! or just plain old movies!

...but, i guess that'll have to wait until i get my licence...*sob sob*

PS: I'm getting the feeling that, me and motorcycles are plain natural enemies! I wonder how i didn't notice this before when i ran into one even before i rode em last time... *sighs*

Friday, March 25, 2011

D-DAY.... *drums roll*

Yes, supposedly, this was supposed to be posted a week ago,

But, because of some unavoidable circumstances(due to yours truly....ehem....),

It is posted today, instead!

So,, let's just pretend that today is 23rd of March, k? hihi


Today was the SPM result day for the 2010 Form 5 students,

I had promised with Amira Rahim to meet up with her at her house,

As we’ll be going together to take our SPM results at 10:00am.

So, at approximately 8:50am, I went down to the bus stop in front of Politeknik,

To wait for a bus to go to Amira Rahim’s house.

Waiting until 9:10am, I saw a bus coming and dropping some Politeknik students in front of Politeknik’s main entrance (the bus stop is situated to the left and at around 150m from the main entrance of Politeknik),

I was quite pleased that I didn’t have to wait that long for the bus unlike some days…

But, I guess I was too quick to be pleased about it,

Cause, unexpectedly, some problems occurred to said bus,

And it hadn’t moved from said position even after 10 minutes of me waiting at the bus stand…


As a result, I had to wait for another bus to come.

I took another 20 minutes after that for another bus to come,

This means I had just wasted 50 minutes just to wait for a bus!

Talk about what a waste of time…

Well, anyways, I reached the Amira Rahim’s house,

So, that’s that.

From there she drove us in her car, Kancil to pick Atikah, Nofa, and Bella up,

And straight to school we go.

At school, I somehow parted with them and just roamed around by myself until 10:30am since that’s the time where the results were out.

When the results were given out, I was one of the earliest persons who took my results.

My results were 1A+ 2A 3B+ 4C+…

I was a bit disappointed with the results that I got,

But I guess that was expected,

I hadn’t really studied hard to earn such good marks…

Studying like mad 3 days before SPM doesn’t really promise much good of a results, huh….

What to do…

The idiom “you reap what you sew” really does like to hit me dead on at sensitive places like this…

Cruel life… *sob sob* (TAT)~

OK, let’s forget ‘bout the dilemma of my life and onwards!!

picas picas everyone~ :D

Just after that, my sister and her friends picked me up and we went to Ipoh.



It wasn’t to celebrate the getting my SPM results,

Or to make some pity party to console my somewhat little broken of a heart,

Or anything that concerns me in any way for that matter…

We went back to Ipoh because my sister needed to ransack our house (in Ipoh) to find her missing certificates…

After she found her certificates, we spent the day at JJ.

And cause I’m too lazy to write ‘bout the other things we did in JJ,

I’ll make some short notes out of it.

We ate at McDonald’s.

I played at the Capcom.

Wasted so much money there. *sob sob*

They (my sister’s friends) tried and bought some clothes.

I bought some Big Apple donuts. Just 3. No money.

And we went back home.

Und das ist das Ende! :D

Good day~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sky so blue...

i really miss looking at the sky,

when everything is blue,

without a single cloud~

It's really hard to find the sky being so blue without a single cloud these days in Malaysia...*sighs* ( ;___;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Utter failuree...

I baked a cake last night...

at 11:48 pm if i'm not mistaken...

Weird, huh? Baking a cake in the middle of the night...

But, that's me!

I took the recipe from the internet...

It's called Easy Delicious Moist Chocolate Cake!

Sounds easy and delicious, right?

...but, it wasn't...

I utterly failed in baking it...

Not only it isn't moist.... it isn't delicious too!

I failed as a baker...*sob sob*

But my mom says it looks nice! at least on the outside,

So, i guess I'm a "lil" happy for baking it..

I'm gonna try to make a truffle chocolate cake next!

...after i eat all of the "failure" i called cake first that is...~("> , <)~ *wiggles away*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

From bad to worst...

Most part of this post is about me complaining and ranting 'bout some occurrence and how my luck turned from bad to worst in a single day... technically in just 5 hours...*insert angst*

So, if you don't want to read it, do excuse yourselves, so that, no blood will be shed today~ :)

OK, Let's see...

I went to Naidu the other other day to take my 3 hours of motorcycle practical in which will let me get my “L” license.

I was really anxious since Prevena told me that they wouldn’t teach me how to drive a motorcycle there,

And they’d ask me to learn it first beforehand, and then I can get my license!

But, how do I learn it if I don’t have a motorcycle and all?

That’s just plain crazy and unreasonable.

They wouldn’t not let me take the test since I’ve already paid it all, right?

Or so that’s what I had thought.

Alas, said thought was wrong. I was really refused to be taught by said ‘teacher’…

I was infuriated to a point beyond compare as I thought of the situation…

“Then, basically, I guess those who don’t have a motorcycle and have no skills or experience in motorcycles whatsoever won’t ever get a motorcycle license la?”

“That’s freakin’ bullshit!” I screeched in my head. *do excuse the vulgarism…huhuhu…*

But, I wasn’t allowed to go back home, though.

Nope, not at all.

I had to sit there at the side for about 1 and a half hours just looking at the other students driving the motorcycles…

I felt like a substitute player who’s been sitting on the bench,

From the start of the game,

Until the very end…


Miss that movie.

Oh! You’d think that’s already sad?

There’s more.

Unfortunately for me, I forgot I left my new shoes in our Myvi car,

In which, my brother had brought to KL.


I had to use my mother’s sports shoes,

Which she had bought it for RM15.

…I’m not complaining, people!

In fact, I had nothing to complain about it since I’m the one, who’s borrowing it,


I notice that the shoe sole of which I’m wearing on my right foot,

Was half way of tearing itself off!!!

And I was already on the bus on the way to Naidu!

What bad luck…==

Not only that, on my way out of the van,

I bumped my head HARD against the roof the van…


Ignoring the pain (and a lil bit of embarrassment), I immediately went straight into the office and ask to use their paper staple.

It didn’t do any much good…

If I were only able to use a staple gun, then maybe it’ll stick longer…*sighs*

But I guess it’s better than nothing.

And after that, said incident happened!

For which you already know, since it’s the very first thing for which I’ve told you~ X)

Oh! Another thing that happened which was a depressing fact for me was that…

Said ‘teacher’ and me…

Wore the same color and pattern of clothing, orange and white stripes!!!!!!

Argh~!!!!! Infuriating~!!!!! /(>[]<)\~~~

*sighs* but I can’t do anything ‘bout it,

And it’s already in the past, so, don’t care anymore la.

The other 1 and a half hours were left learning some rules, the courses we’ll be going through and some final advices.

The ‘teacher’ didn’t seem half bad here,

But I still feel a lil angry at him for not teaching me how to ride the bike…

Oh! And so for your info, I still got the ‘L’ license!

Cool, ain’t it?

I don’t even have to touch the motorcycle for it! :D

At the end of lesson, my other shoe’s sole torn off too as its sibling did. *stupid shoes…==*

I had to staple it too…

When I reached home, it immediately went to the trash can~

Sayonara, 15 dollar~ (ringgit actually~ hihi)

Onwards to the next day,

Amira Rahim came to teach me how to ride a motorcycle!

We actually promised to meet up at the entrance of the Politeknik in the morning but she had some works to do,

So, afternoon it is. At 3 o’clock to be specific.

I was already at the entrance at 3,

And I waited,

And waited,

And waited until 3:15…

However, she still wasn’t there…

And it was freakin’ hot….

And since I couldn’t take the heat anymore,

I went to the Pak Guard station and asked if I could wait there…

It seems that it wasn’t Amira Rahim that I’d lepak with that day,

But the Pak Guards instead, ha!

Talk ‘bout quite a change in plan.

I waited for her with the Pak Guards until 4…

Then, I really lost any hope for her to come already.

And also because the sky had become grey and it suddenly rained heavily at Politeknik.

Luckily for me, I already made my way to canteen before the rain started.

Bought some drinks and went to my mother’s office and met up with my sister,

Who took me back home.

Just as I arrived home, Amira Rahim suddenly appeared!

She was wet, not soaking wet, but still can be considered wet!

And I thought she wouldn’t come! Sorry Amira Rahim! Lol~XD

Before she had come, my mom had asked me to come along with her and dad back to Ipoh,

But since she’s here, I told my mom I won’t be able to tag along with them this time.

It was a really scary experience for me to ride a motorcycle,

Cause I wasn’t really able… what’s the word… adapt (?) to using the rear brake.

It seems that I am too accustomed on breaking with hand brakes and legs as such we do on bycicles,

I did the same thing while riding motorcycles!

Old habits die hard, eh?

Nevertheless, habit or not, I’m getting better bit by bit!

Not entirely yet, but at least I could now say I HAVE the experience straight to that “teacher’s” face!

Ha! Take that! You didn’t think I could learn to ride didn’t you?

Think again! Bwahahahaha~



*cough cough* Do excuse me for that…

Well, that’s all to it! Wait fer the next post, ya? :D