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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chill out in KL City~^^

Went to KL again last Saturday with my friends(Syifa', Amira, Najihah and Kak Sue) and sister...

I starting to doubt that I'll ever be able to go anywhere without my sister cause of parents *pouts*

But it was fun!

Setting aside the obvious pain at our feet and backs for walking from 10 in the morning till 10 at night and the obvious hole in our pockets now for buying things, which half of them (at the very least) are useless, all other things we had done are literally fun!

I'm kinda disappointed that we didn't go to fish spa though...

It sounds and looks really fun when I saw other customers shouts and giggles from being bitten by little fishes~ haha

though, what do you think will happened if the little fishes were little piranhas?

Ugh,that's an image that we should never think about... SCARY~!!!*shivers*

Well, I'd wanted to write more in this post but I don't much time and even if I did, it'll take at least 10,000 words which will probably take a day or two~

So, hope the pics are satisfying enough for the whole ordeal~

That's all folks~

ja mata & have a nice day~^^