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Sunday, September 30, 2012

USM days...

I'm kinda getting used to USM's hectic lifestyle... kinda...

am forming a bad habit of eating late at night, resulting in the formation of zits of which has been long since we've last met. 

we meet again... grrrrrr....

HATEFUL zits.. -,-

Went to a camp last week. "Kem Pimpin Siswa". It's a boot camp programme on which every USM first years have to attend. Was kinda like this at first;

But, the three days were fun. 

Some sore throats, sore muscles, loss of blood due to leeches or mosquitoes, loss of voice(me only) but nothing compare to the thrill and extreme fun that we went through! love the moment! ^^

Also went to a lantern festival programme. :D
At first, went there just to watch. Somehow ended up participating in the ride.

and we weren't in the best of attires. Especially me... 

I was in a skirt! A big brown skirt!!

Riding a bicycle for about 20km(didn't reach the quota exactly) in a skirt was scary as hell! Had to be careful off the road since it was at night and careful of my skirt so it won't be stuck in the rim...

Kinda remembered of my past accidents with bicycles. Not exactly a pretty experience to be repeated...-,-

It was entertaining nevertheless. Am so entering it again next year! with  the right attire, of course hahaha

And that's all for this post! bubye! :D

Monday, September 17, 2012


Since I've entered USM,
I've kinda made up my mind that I'mma be really really ACTIVE,
Whether it is in class or even outside of class.

That was why I entered this event called Variasiswa!
Okay... more like the name of my team is called Variasiswa, 
for an event called Malam Apresiasi Siswa Merdeka 1 Malaysia. hehe ;p

I actually participated in the Variasiswa cause they asked for anyone who can sing OR dance OR act.

They didn't say that participants have to do ALL!

Nevertheless, since I'm not one to back out off my words,
I went along with it anyway. 
And I'm kinda glad with my decision of not backing out.
It was great fun

There were some sad and painful times,
and we too didn't win the best award,
but the enjoyable times made up for them all.
I've made many new comrades,
Met with much great people e.g. Abang Fud(?) 
don't know how to spell his nickname. haha... 
And went through many ups and downs with them. 
yeah I'm kinda exaggerating since this happened only in a week time. haha..

We didn't regret not winning, 
We've laid out our performance at the very best  that we could.
And we still got a hamper of participation! haha 
So, there was nothing to regret. :)

We even enjoyed the others' performances,
Even our so-called enemies' performances!

They too were great!
What was there to hate? haha

And with that I'll end this post with a note that; 

If there are other events going to be held pertaining my Desa that Indah Kembara to participate, 
I'll try my best to participate as well! 
Roar! Opps! Wrong collage. Ssssss~ 

Wish me luck on trying my best to have the best of both worlds ei? haha ^^

Friday, September 14, 2012


I haven't got much free time, so here's the gist of my life in Penang.
Yesterday was my birthday. 
19th to be exact. :) hehe

13th of September. 
Every year.

Variasiswa was and is killing my legs,
but still doing it! Roar! 
Wish us luck for tomorrow night! ;F

The stairs are still my then and current most hated enemy.

The hospital/clinic a.k.a. Pusat Sejahtera is quite near.
Am using that to my advantage! ;p

Am falling in love with their (USM) library.
Am believing that will be spending more time there after this.

Just noticed I'm stupidly joining/participating anything I see.

Hmmm... killing myself in little bits unbeknownst-ly... hahaha

Going through them anyway! 

USM and Penang is quite a nice place to be in...

Except for the weather and some other things... :\
But overall, still nice! :D

And that's all for now. Good day. :)

PS: I'd like to thank a new good friend of mine, Hanis, in which has been very kind and supportive and a lot more like being there for me and for the ever awkward-ish (at least, on my part I felt awkward being sung to a birthday song by my whole class whom I'm not really that close to yet) birthday wish. haha 

Anyhow, thanks Hanis. It was thoughtful and sweet. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

A new start.

                                          Slept at 12:00am on our first day.
                                          At 12:45am on the next day.
                                          Then, at 1.30am.
                                          2am after that.
                                          Later at 3am.
                                          And at 4am on our last day.

Gosh, what a week.
It was fun and hellish at the same time.
I don't know how I was able to cope with the regime, but I did! 
and at last it had all but ended! Yeay! :D

Now, I am officially a citizen of USM a.k.a. a USM-er
Congratulate me please~ haha

first step in USM.

First day in USM started great.
My whole family came to send me off. 
It was somewhat a happy occasion for my family of my entering to USM.
And I wasn't quite sadden of being left behind as how I did when I first entered UiTM.

So, all went well on the first day. :D
There were a lot of talks given in the main hall through the whole "Program Siswa Lestari",
But as per usual, I slept through most of the talk even the important ones...
Had to interrogate the people beside me of things due to that. ngahahaha~
Hey! you can't blame me! I was sleepy and the talks were very boring and long! =3=

Ehem... well, that's that.
Moving on...
FYI, I'm currently living in a dorm called Desasiswa Indah Kembara.
Our theme this year is snake,
So, there was a lot of snake symbols in our cheers.
It was hella fun! And a lot of coughing and sore throats on the side lines. haha 

Believe it or not, my (and some few boys) birthday was celebrated by my whole dorm!
Our seniors/caretakers or more known as PPSL made a trick by blaming us for somethings and surprised us with a small feast! 
It was a pleasant and sleepy surprise indeed since it was all done at 3 in the morning. -,- haha
Nevertheless, the tiring surprise was really welcomed. 
Thank you very much dear PPSL brothers and sisters!
Love you guys for it and the whole taking caring of us for the whole week! :D

Talking bout acquaintances, here are some people I've befriended and gotten quite close to here in USM. ^^

The first from the left is my roommate; Kak Ila from Kelantan.
She doesn't really have a Kelantan slang so you couldn't really figure it out unless you ask her directly.
Friendly and cool. I like having her as my roommate. :)

Next pic shows a comrade from TESL and a new coursemate from TESOL.
Izni and Hanis. Both are from Penang.
It is nice having a person you know near you and making new friends at the same time. :)

The last pic shows my roommate's friends from matriculation whom which I've also befriended with.
Kak Shira, Kak Dora, Kak Nani, and Kak Amal.
I'm kinda more close to Kak Shira from the rest but it is still nice being in their company. ^^

In 2 more weeks, I'm going for a programme called Kem Pimpin Siswa in which all USM-ers need to participate in their first year.
They say it's quite the same like PLKN in which I still haven't went to.
Kinda bummed about that but am kinda looking forward to it as well! hehe

And again FYI, I'm trying my best in participating in any events that I'm able to find.
I'm in the process of making myself "active" unlike when I was in USM.
Am trying my best to make the best out of the four years Imma stay here in USM.
So, wish me all the best guys~ Aja aja fighting! ;D

And that is all of my report of my orientation week a.k.a. "Program Siswa Lestari" at USM.

Reported by,

Hannah Yee, 
Ex-TESLian of UiTM Lendu,
First year student,
Bachelor of Education with honours(TESOL),
Universiti Sains Malaysia.