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Sunday, September 30, 2012

USM days...

I'm kinda getting used to USM's hectic lifestyle... kinda...

am forming a bad habit of eating late at night, resulting in the formation of zits of which has been long since we've last met. 

we meet again... grrrrrr....

HATEFUL zits.. -,-

Went to a camp last week. "Kem Pimpin Siswa". It's a boot camp programme on which every USM first years have to attend. Was kinda like this at first;

But, the three days were fun. 

Some sore throats, sore muscles, loss of blood due to leeches or mosquitoes, loss of voice(me only) but nothing compare to the thrill and extreme fun that we went through! love the moment! ^^

Also went to a lantern festival programme. :D
At first, went there just to watch. Somehow ended up participating in the ride.

and we weren't in the best of attires. Especially me... 

I was in a skirt! A big brown skirt!!

Riding a bicycle for about 20km(didn't reach the quota exactly) in a skirt was scary as hell! Had to be careful off the road since it was at night and careful of my skirt so it won't be stuck in the rim...

Kinda remembered of my past accidents with bicycles. Not exactly a pretty experience to be repeated...-,-

It was entertaining nevertheless. Am so entering it again next year! with  the right attire, of course hahaha

And that's all for this post! bubye! :D

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