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Sunday, February 3, 2013

No-no-nomadic life of mine~

Been on the move lately after my semester break started like 3 weeks ago. Am constantly going to and fro from Penang to Ipoh to Tanjung Malim to KL. Even went to Malacca as well a week ago and the next stop after that was Pulau Pangkor! The route was kinda like this;

Penang → Ipoh  Tj. Malim  KL  Tj. Malim  Ipoh  Penang  Ipoh  Tj. Malim  KL  Malacca  KL  Tj. Malim  Ipoh  P. Pangkor  Ipoh  Tj. Malim


It is kinda tiring, but hella fun so I won't say nay to that if I were to have to do that again. Ok, now that I'm done with the route, let's go on to what has been going on lately. huhu :)

First of! My bro's getting married this upcoming April! Woot woot! At last! To a very cute girl (lady) if I may say so myself. A lil older than my brother but that isn't really surprising in my family, to say the least, since my mom is also older than my dad. I think Imma find myself a young lad just to continue the tradition. hehe Not exactly the crazy type like us siblings, more to the composed time (with a  but she's OK. Still a lil bit awkward around me as do I when I'm with her cause I don't really know how to react when I'm with her as well but we're getting along well.. I believe? Mehhh... as long as my bro and mom and dad's fine with her, I'm ok with it. Welcome to the family Kak Ana! ^_^


Went to Penang Yosakoi Parade! Supposedly the reason I went back to Penang again was to go for my club's intensive week, but because there were some problems with the accommodations, my bro didn't allow me to stay. I'm a lil sadden by that fact though. It was supposed to be my first intensive camp with friends. Tough luck, I guess..

Since we were already in Penang by that time, we went to the parade instead. There were a lot of exciting stalls set up on that day like the haunted house, the ninja zone, Tokyo buzz, Osaka street food and Kyoto Quarters. I didn't really get to participate much with the activities cause I wasn't allowed to (Onii-chan wa baka. -_-) but it was still hella exciting and I get to eat a lot of Japanese food! So, I guess I'm a tad bit satisfied. Will try to go again next year, insyaa allah!

Next on the list, was Malacca. YES! The one and only MALACCA people!

I seriously couldn't believe my mom would let me go all the way to Malacca; ALONE! I didn't questioned her then though cause maybe she'll change her mind, so, I went! Reason? To get my kadsiswa, a discount card for university students. I've actually already gotten one from USM but I still want my UiTM one. So yeahhhh... That's it actually. With a few side quests which I just thought of as I went my way; like meeting up with the lecturers and a few friends, roaming around my old university, try to see what's new and what's not.. etc etc...

One thing that was laughable when I was in Lendu was the fact that I got lost whilst trying to find Dewan Bendahara to get the card. Kinda funny if you ask me. I kinda mistook Dewan Syahbandar with Dewan Bendahara, leading me to actually roam around half of the university to find the actual place. But, I had my share of fun visiting the lake and a road which had a scenery that I was quite fond of back when I was still studying. So, NO complaints there.

After getting my card (finally!), I went to check on the lecturers! Was able to meet Miss Siti and Madam Khairunisa! Miss Siti is still as cute and glorious as always with her kitty paws and her furry goodness (Purrrrr) whereas Madam Khairu is going to have her second child! Somehow, it seems like I have never seen Madam Khairunisa in her thin mode. As far as I can remember, every time I see her, she'll always be with a baby. Coincidence much? hehe Met with a few juniors as well. They were quite friendly though I can't remember their names at all. Sorry lads, I'm bad at memorizing../( >,<)\

Oh! I even got to meet up with MU a.k.a. Muhammad! He's currently the YDP of UiTM Lendu! Kudos to him. Ooooooooo~ He looks professional now lads! Well, not like he wasn't before, just that he's aura now seemed more composed and professional! But he still acts like the same old MU to me. Gosh, I missed him. Later that day, I met up with Emang Blue and Abe Yo. It was fun hanging out with them after so long. It has been such a long time since I hanged out with anyone my age since I studied in USM. I missed  going out with them. It was fun and relaxing. Ex-TESL-ians unite~ haha

The last stop I went (not exactly the last la) would be P. Pangkor! My sis got a reunion trip with her friends and somehow I ended up tagging along. Felt kinda out of place for a moment since I didn't really know any of them but I somehow got used to it and fared well till the end.

Went for scuba diving and banana boat. The scuba diving part was more like floating-on-top-of-the-water-with-your-head-in-it rather than actual scuba diving. A lil hard to swim since we had to wear life jackets to stay afloat. Awkward but fun nevertheless. It's a shame that I couldn't take any picture in the water though cause my camera isn't waterproof. The scenery was spectacular! I even saw some small sharks! Wish to try it again, hopefully using a better gear for diving next time. haha

I even got the satisfaction of feeding some hornbills while I was there! There were quite a lot of em and it was fun feeding them lots. And it was free too! So who am I to say no to that experience; even if I did get my fingers pecked by one of em. Ouch.. Went out again later that day just to waste some time. Visit the shop lots, play with some more water, slept the night and went back the next day.

The next upcoming event would be CNY a.k.a. Chinese New Year! Can't wait for it. Not to forget... my first semester result.. erkkk.. Wish me all the best guys.. I hope I did OK. "-_-