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Friday, September 17, 2010

Gua Kek Look Tong~

"Opened in the 1970s, Kek Look Tong is the most recent of the Ipoh cave temples and perhaps the most spectacular of them all. The temple is set in a huge cave in the limestone outcrops behind Gunung Rapat, about 5km south of Ipoh City.

The temple has impressive works of art, with statues of Buddha in various forms among natural stalactites and rock formations. One can savour vegetarian food, served here at the temple, in peaceful surroundings amidst lotus ponds. Nestled on a 4.5ha land, it is managed by the Kek Look Seah since its inception in 1982."

Well, that's about it that I could get of Gua Kek Look Tong from the internet~

The scenery in and out of the cave were very beautiful but as I didn't have much time in taking much more picture,

I only managed to take pictures at the front of the cave...

Do enjoy though~

Thanks for browsing!

Buona giornata~^^

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's been a long time pt.2

pictures are up~

but I'm too lazy to write anything about it,

SO, why don't you make up the conclusion of the photos yourselves!

didn't there's a saying of, "Every picture tells a thousand stories"?

why don't you try it once in a while?

though I don't think even I myself can think until that much but it is worth a try, no?

Thanks for viewing~

Do have a nice day~^^

Been A long time~


And a lot longer since I've been to Taman D.R. Seenivasagam~

I think the last time I had been to Taman D.R. was 5 years ago...

or was it 4?

can't really remember...

my mind's kinda foggy nowadays,

I can't even remember half of the things I talked about yesterday!

Wow, I'm really getting old...T^T

Never mind that,

talking about Taman D.R.,

Me and my dad went there just this Saturday~

Miss it a lot!

I was like "Oh! Oh! I remember this!" or "Weeeee~" or "Kyaaaaa~" or so that was what I remembered~

I don't think I was even thinking right at the moment because of my excitement and all,

*some people who walked by were giving me this what-on-earth-is this-girl-thinking/doing/playing look,

so, I gave them a haven't-seen-a-girl-enjoying-herself-mister look,

and they all just looked away~*haha serves them right for giving me a look*

I think I just inherited the Chinese idiom my teacher taught,

something about, "you did this to me on the 1st, I'll pay you back on the 15th"

or something around that,

but it means to payback on someone's doing to us, revenge to be simple~^^

My dad stayed in the car all the time,

he's excuse was, "I am fasting",

then what about me? *I'm fasting aren't I?* @A@

oh well... after this will be the photos!

wait for it, no?^^