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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Light me up another day of sunshine. :)

The last week before study week was hectic.

There were tons of assignments to be sent,

Along with tests to go through.

Haven't gotten much sleep this few days,

Having had to do the assignments throughout the night,

Luckily, I have these two big brothers of mine who were willing enough to accompany me through the nights. ok, that sounded odd.. or maybe it's just me.. haha. ignore that.. la la la -_-

All of us currently have panda eyes. If only it were literally THE panda eyes. at least they're cute.. huhu 

But, even though the workloads were ubber KILLERS

I didn't have a breakdown though due to their presences.. 

I meant the brothers of mine, not the panda eyes.

thanks man, I owe you guys lots.  (^3^)/ 

PS: and abang Sabah! when I said I owe you, I don't mean money. = =+

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ey ey! hey hey! :D


I did post that I'm going to write about my activities, right?

But i didn't actually write when Imma write it, did I?

Meaning thattttttt...

I have no obligations to write em fast!


Ok. no.

I really wanted to write about it. I really di..d.

But, Lady Time just won't lend me a hand to write em.

There were just too much to do and to squeeze this lil blog onto the list just seemed impossible.
(well  yeah, maybe I could if I wanted to, but I'm too lazy to put in the extra effort, how bout that? hehehe :p)

And the mountains of workloads which just keeps on crashing on to me like those big ass tidal waves.. and the way they rake my hairs out and their constant pulling me off of mah bed for days... God.. the horror...

At one point I literally thought that I was gonna die after reading a post about a dude, died for not sleeping for 58 hours straight.. haha ok...that was scary, I shouldn't laughed. -_-"

Well, enough with the complaints, assignments and worrying things!

Let's pretend they're cute little butterflies and set them free!
Fly away cute lil butterflies~ Far far away from me~
Or Imma burn you all into freakin' charcoals, you hear me?! Muahahahaha~

Yeah okay.. imma hav ta go back to doing my assignments..

But before that, here's a 12.12.12 commemoration pic!

Taken exactly at 12 : 12 :12 am on the 12/12/12. haha! I'm feeling quite proud of myself here Pwned!

Have a nice day people.. unlike me.. hmmhmmm T^T