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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Troublesome ain't the right word..-,-

I was forced to wear eyeliners and mascara one particular day by my sister and my friend before going out. It wasn't that good of an experience, that's for sure. It made my eyelids feel heavy and gave me this huge urge to rub my eyes, most parts of the day. My friend and sister enjoyed swatting my hands off before they were able to reach their desired destination and I had blinked more times that I usually do! Kinda felt like camels with their thick eyelashes... just that, they have an excuse for the thick eyelashes and the blinking to avoid sand dust part and I don't. After that horrendous experience, we reached home at last and I was allowed to remove those burdens off of my eyes. But then, another obstacle revealed itself! It seems that the eyeliner and mascara I was wearing had one hell of a tough resistance to water. It seemed that I needed a makeup remover to completely remove them. Problem was; I didn't have a makeup remover. Hence, I had to rub them off... hard. It didn't completely disappeared though. Had to wash it multiple times before it completely disappeared. Sad to say, my face looked more emo than I could imagined I would ever be in my whole life that night. Nice, but not the right time. 

Note to self; next time, practice it at home first before wearing em out, and prepare make up remover before putting em on. Done.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My first time experiencing an anime fest! xD

On the 9th of June, 2012, me, my sis, my lil cuz and my friend went to our first ever anime con!

And surprisingly, it was also the first launch of Anime Festival Asia a.k.a. AFA in Malaysia! 

How exciting is that? xD

We arrived at PWTC around 9 o'clock and there was already a long, VERY long queue to buy the tickets. 

We were only able to get our tickets one and a half hours later.

our tickets~^^

Pretty long, no?

Well, at least it was worth it~ :D

We didn't buy any ticket for the concert btw, since we didn't want to watch any.

And we had stayed there until 6 pm.

What did we do there?

Basically, we just took our time waltzing our way through the anime convention and taking pictures with cosplayers along the way~

a Natsume Yuujinchou cosplayer~ cute~ :3
beelzebub, fairy tail & K-ON posters!
Beelzebub! :D

Suigintou and Barasuishou from Rozen Maiden! 
Two cute Miku~ haha xD
Pika pika Pikachu! :3
A really tall Kakashi! :D

I too bought some souvenirs to remember the day by! :

Hamtaro and Oryzae keychains!
Two Tiger and Bunny pins, a few Gashapons in which I got all the lead character that I wanted (lucky!), one KHR bag and one Kuroshistuji bag, and also a Natsume Yuujichou T-shirt~ xD

We made some new friends that day too!

Shi-en and her friends. They are all form 3 students.

That somehow made me feel old (even though I am already old).

Ain't he a pretty sight? haha
Oh! This beautiful cosplayer beside my sis here is actually a guy, mind you. 

But don't be thinking of nonsensical things now!

In cosplayers world, anywhich can cosplay anywho or anyhow they wanna be.

And who cares, if it suits him anyway? He looks cute in it. haha xD

I almost forgot! 

Kaname☆ was there! Kya~ *fan mode on

For those who don't know, KANAME☆ is currently the Cosplay Ambassador for Anime Festival Asia. :D

And he's pretty cute. ^^

"Hello everyone in Malaysia. 
Good day, Kaname here. 
I am very, very, very excited to go to Malaysia in June. 
So then, jumpa di malaysia.. jumpa di AFA malaysia. ^^"

Kaname taking pictures with fans.

We weren't able to take any pictures with him though, only cosplayers were allowed.

But, it was still nice to get a close look at him. haha :D *fan mode off

Moving on~

Not only did we saw Kaname, me and Kak Sue were able to experience being Seiyuus too~

Seiyuus are voice actors and actresses for characters in an anime, a video game, a radio broadcast or an advertisement in Japan.

I chose to do Oga Tatsumi's voice in Beelzebub whereas Kak Sue chose to do Gon's voice in Hunter x Hunter.

Everybody gave me a shocked expression when I said I chose Oga.

Was it really that weird? He's cool, what? :\

Nevertheless, it was really fun! ^^

After that, we sent Kak Sue back home, 

and went to our lil cousin's house.

Stayed the night there and went back home on the next day.

And that's how my lil anime fest experience ended. 

Thanks for reading, I bid your days will be well. 


PS: I just noticed that I looked like a complete nerd/otaku here... hahaha xD

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some summer days aren't so bad after all ch.3 end :D

On our last day in Ipoh, 

We went and spent half of our day in AEON Station 18, Ipoh.


We didn't plan what we wanted to do there.

We just took our time wondering around in that big maze of a building,

and browse through any shops we found interesting. :)


and just like any other times when we're together...

We took pictures of anywhere we go...

And just enjoyed ourselves however we can. hehe :F 


We stopped by a lil cafe called the dining place for lunch~ :) 

Why we eat there? Simple! The food looked cute~ haha


And the taste was pretty nice too.  So, we're satisfied. :)                                                                    

 After that, took some photos in the baby changing station too!

What? the wallpapers' cute! 

So your arguments are invalid! haha ;p

 A few more pictures along the way~ :)



..and 1. Done. 

That's basically how we entertained ourselves that day.

Nothing more, nothing less.

bonne journée :3