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Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome back to Malaysia, dad~XD

We went to KLIA to fetch my dad two days,

(I wrote this yesterday but since I'm posting it today, so, it'll be two days)

Seeing as he’s on his way back from the United States!

New Orleans, to be exact…

Or should I say Japan?

Since his flight goes through Japan and all.

I’m really glad that he’s back in one piece! *Alhamdulillah…*

He brought back many souvenirs and pics back home!


Trousers and Jeans,

Key chains,

Some Small Pins,



And many more (too many! Lazy to say it all! XD)!

We reached the KLIA at about 5:10,

Since it was a bit earlier than expected,

For my father said that he’ll reach Malaysia from Narita at 5:30 pm,

We went to Burger King to eat for a bit.

A great coincidence happened;

Since the Chinese New Year was getting near,

A group of lion dance performers was performing!

I really wanted to watch it since it has been such a long time since I last saw one!


We kept on following to where the sounds drum being beat,

And alas! We found them!

My sister got a fortune cookie too! (I didn't get one, though...*sobsob*)

And we went back to meet up with mom and bro!

Then, we waited for our father~

But, we had to wait for like 30 freakin’ minutes because the flight somehow reached here a lil bit later then expected…

At the very least, I could see some Korean and Japanese Leng Zais,

So, I guess no harm was done there~ haha XP

Oh! Took some pictures before we went out of there~! :D

That night too, we went to Saba’ Restaurant in Cyberjaya~

When I first step into the restaurant,

I thought I would slip through the floor!

My new and VERY CHEAP shoe really does its job as a CHEAP shoe…==

You rip what you sew, huh…*sighs*

At any rate, each of us ordered some rice and a drink and a pudding (excluding my dad and my bro)!

I thought of ordering a new type of drink which I’ve never tried before,

It sounded like a really fun idea at first,

Until I got the said drink that I had ordered…

Oh! For your info, I ordered banana milk.

The only thing that I could say right then was that,

“Briyani Rice and Banana Milk really REALLY don’t suit each other…” ==”

The morale of the story is; never do things that you’ll regret in the end.

Then, we went to do our prayers at Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque,

A really splendid mosque, if you ask me!

Unluckily for me, I was having A.B.C. (ALLAH BAGI CUTI),

Thus, I couldn’t enter the mosque…*Boohoo*

While waiting for my dad, mom, sis, and bro to do their prayers,

I did my childish-works-to-fill-a-bored-time instead!

Took me a long time to write them!

After that, we went back to our father’s house and rip out all of the souvenirs from his bags!

Oh! And again, took some pictures along the way~:D

And that’s that!

Have a nice day~^^

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Maybe...No, Definitely...

Somehow, I'm getting the feeling that cats are constantly avoiding me nowadays...

(Except in the nearby restaurants...)

They weren't as cute as they were back in Kuantan

Gosh, I miss those oh so cuddly times.

Where are the cute cuddly kitties when you needed them?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Being NAÏVE is such a depressing thing...

“My life is a bore,
My life is a mess,
My life’s the definition of the word distress.”

Well, my life’s not exactly at a point where you’ll call it distress ,

and neither is my life a mess. *Thank you very much*

The only word that’s true of my life nowadays is the word, bore.

I’m currently bored to tears now. I have exactly nothing to do!

OK, other than surfing the internet, playing PS2, doing the house chores and such,

Which I did on a basic routine even before the SPM started!

Where is the FUN that they (the SPM leavers) had always talked about when I was still in my high school years?

Where’s the EXCITEMENT which they told me to expect after my SPM has ended?

I can’t even find a single hair of it! If only it had hair…

I feel like my youth is oozing out of me…

This is really not what I had anticipated for my days after the SPM.

I feel betrayed, except that, nobody in particular had betrayed me from the beginning…

The EXCITEMENT that I had anticipated and authentically waited for so long,

Was all but just a figment of my imagination--

An illusion--

A false impression--

A fantasy--

A daydream--

No wonder Hamlet said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,”…

I’m presently living blissfully in ignorance,

As to ignore the facts that were clearly being spread wide open by others right before me, am I?

Conclusion to be made; I’m still too NAÏVE of the ways of life…

As such, I apologize to the world and to those who had worked themselves to the bones to show me the right path of life… SORRY!!!!

PS: My friend told me when you're depressed, eat some ice-cream! But, won't that make us fat if we were the type to be depressed all the time? (=_=")

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Personality test~

Did a personality test just now,

And this was the result!


Am I really that strange? (-_-")

Tantrums of the day...

Although yesterday was yesterday,

Although today is today,

Although tomorrow is tomorrow,




Why am I repeating the same events each and every day?

Isn't a new day suppose to be exciting?

...or so I've heard...


I shouldn't bother others with my problem, huh...

so, Good day everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simple snack~

Was really hungry just now,

And brother ate 9/10 of the rice that I cook,

He really had no sense of consideration at all! ==

So, with that little amount of rice,

I made a small serving of rice omelette!

It has my signature "H" and a smiley face on it too~ (just for the heck of it~)

Cute ain't it? haha

And that's all for this post!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

The season has come~

The season has come~

Question is what season?

From what I learned back in school,

Malaysia is on the equator,

Thus, it will always be hot and humid... I think?

(my brain's not functioning well much anymore...)

but, judging from the temperature out of my house,

and from the dryness of my lips...*so dry...T3T)

I'm guessing it's ultimately; summer...

Enjoy your summer~^^

(was trying to make a lion's head, MISSION; FAILED...)

PS:don't forget to drink many many water~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lingering memories~

Since I don't have much of an adventure these few days,

An idea came stumbling upon me,

While I was scanning through the old pics which I have taken before,

That is...

I'm gonna put em up in my blog on days that I can!

Plus some stories 'bout em if I still remember~^^

Do wait fer em, ya? XOXO

Sunday, January 16, 2011

KL? jom~



TIME: 02:09 PM



that's 'bout it for this post!


just joking...


as mentioned on the above and previous post,

Yes, we(mom, bro, sis, n me) went to Kuala Lumpur.

First destination and objective: Strawberry Fields Restaurant in PJ, eat spaghetti carbonara chicken.

Mission outcome: Failed.

Regrettably, somehow there wasn't any water there that day,

thus, they couldn't cook said spaghetti... *sob sob*

So, we ended up asking something else,

which weren't quite so pleasant to our stomach at all!

my brother can only eat half portion of his food,

And then, he gave up...

pity us...*boohoo*

Second destination and objective: Giza, sight seeing?

Mission outcome: Success and a lil souvenir along the way~

After that, we went to Sunway Giza!

First thought ran through was, "This really ain't my place at all...=="

But, the sight was really pleasing to the eyes...

We ended up buying some fruits at a nearby fruit shop,

Call, "MBG, Money Back Guarantee".

But, seeing as we won't be going back there this very soon,

I guess it isn't such 'guaranteed' after all...

We also stumbled upon the restaurant which I once read about in a Chinese newspaper which I bought frequently in high school, Xue Hai.

The restaurant's name is Fullhouse.

It's a really cute restaurant,

try to go there if you have the time~^^

Third destination and objective: One Utama, window shopping!

Mission outcome: Success and some souvenirs too~<3

Kinda brought up some rather unpleasant memories,

But overall, it was fun!

Mom got herself a pair of sandals!

And we also bought dad a tie as a present for his birthday!

from this shop!

(He only has 2 tie even after living for 50 years, for heaven sake! ==)

Fourth destination and objective: Amcorpmall, BookXcess, buy some novels!

Mission outcome: Failed.

Sadly, there weren't any of the books that I wanted,

And there also weren't any new books that had catch my eyes.

My mom too for that matter.*sighs*

Ate McDonald before we went back though.

And that's the end of so call mission to Kuala Lumpur!

Wait for the next post, ya!

Guten Morgen, Tag und Nacht~ :D