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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My own...:D

In this segment, I'll be talking 'bout the things (expensive/cherish) I have!

(PS: I don't own the cat! ==)

The first (expensive/cherish) thing that I could ever call my own is;

My first phone~

Though, the keypad is now...

undergoing a bit of a problem,

I still love it to bits~^^

(I couldn't really put any picture of my phone when I'm using the phone to take pictures... pity pity...)

Second thing is;

My watch!

It isn't really my FIRST watch,

But my bro give it to me using his first paycheck,

and it has cost more then RM60...

I really love it to bits~<3

But due to some unavoidable misfortune...(caused by my own mistakes)

My watch DIED... as in malfunctioned...

And the cost to repair it is over RM60...



expensive sh*t, ain't it?

with a bit of my bro's rational thought and mine's irrational thoughts argue about,

In the end, my bro won.

And he bought a new watch for me...

Not really my type of watch, but...cute... so, Ok lorh...=3=

(please forgive me Ms. Delvina*my watch*... I have failed you as your owner...;_;)





The third and the last thing that I own, which I can now call mine is;

My laptop!


My own freakin' laptop!!!

I can't believe it myself that I, Hannah Yee, owns a laptop!



This may look a bit too exaggerating but I really can't help myself from being enthusiastic right now!

Cause, everything that I ever wished for,

I never seem to be able to obtain... e.g.


Because my sister already has one, my dad forbid me to buy one for myself.


Because my brother already had one, my dad again forbid me to buy one for myself.

His reason was that, I could just borrow it from them if I wanted to play...

Yes, I know, that's a reasonable thinking as a way to not waste money,

But he didn't think of the problem which I would face,

That is,

Whether or not, they'll lend said things to me...



Half of the time,

They wouldn't lend them to me at all,

As it was their things,

And they have the rights to do so, or so they say.



Cheh, whatever...

Anyways, that's why I'm quite happy to own my own laptop~ ^^

Love you day~ XOXO

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