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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Day Back~

Before I send the post I wanted to send today,

I’m going to send the post that I was going to send yesterday…

Confusing a bit?

I know, but do bare with me~ haha~

On the way back from KL to Politeknik,

After sending my mom to Heritage Hotel first, that is,

We, as in my bro and I, went to ‘The Curve’~

Not a place we would usually hang out though,

With our monthly allowance of not more than RM100,

And the price of the items there which are usually RM50 and above…

“The Curve” is literally not a place for us, ‘commoners’… TAT

But, if you still want to go there…

There’s a place which all of the items are worth RM5!

That is… of course… “DAISO” da!!!!

I think I wrote about DAISO somewhere in my post that I’ve written before,

But I can’t remember which…

So, let’s forget about that and move on, shall we?

I really wanted to buy some bowls there…

They were SUPER CUTE!!!

And oh! Don’t forget the cups and pans!

Gosh! 10 more years, after I have my own house and money,

I’ll be sure to come back and get you bowls, cups, and pans!

Wow… I somehow felt like a housewife there… haha…

I kinda remember my mother and her siblings have a thing for plates too...

I guess liking 'Dishwares' runs through the family~ haha~

Women, namely~ XP

Moving on!

After that, we went into aL-ikhsaN.

No money. So, no story there.

Then, to Metro Jaya~

My God! I thought my eyes would pop out,

When I look at one of the price tag on a children’s dress,

1-smokin-95 ringgit!!!!!

Compared to the jacket I was wearing,

It was RM185 of a difference…

I feel kinda sad.

But the place is nice,

So, I took some pictures~^^

Afterward, we encountered our dream car…

LAMBORGHINI REVENTON *fan girl squeals*!!!

In mini size, that is…

But still!!!

It’s Lamborghini, man!!!

Nevertheless, with a wallet with not more than RM40 inside…

We could only take a picture, put it back, and go on…*sob sob*

And as it was Friday, my brother had to go for the Friday prayer,

So, we had to go back to Politeknik quick!

Nonetheless, not before stopping by to take pictures along the way~

Miss you LEGO!!!^^

I can't believe I'm doing this...*trying to pose as Buzz Lightyear*

Ah! Naked men and women! haha~ kidding... Just mannequins~

wanted to enter but not enough time...(TAT)*sob sob*

And A&W too! huhu~

Alas! That’s all there is and there isn’t any more~^^

Oh! There is! But it’s in the next post!

Till next time~ Have a nice day~ XOXO

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