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Sunday, January 2, 2011


As I said in my post before,

I went out with my friends just a moment after that.

With my sister too!

Our first stop was Ipoh Parade!

But we didn’t stay long there though.

Nope, not at all!

We just ate, bought some books and moved on to our second destination!

J.J or Jaya Jusco or better known as Kinta City~

First, we thought of watching a movie.

However, EVERY movie was full.

So, move on to plan B.


But again, full.

Plan C.


The place which my friend recommended because it was cheaper,

Was also full. *sob sob*

Thus, there was only another place to karaoke in JJ.

And that was, K-BOX.

The price, I got to tell you,

Was so expensive!!!!

RM21 per person! pergh~==

Thought that my wallet would have a hole in it!

Nevertheless, I guess, it was worth the price~

With the food,

And water,

And three hours period of singing.

The price was appropriate with the service.^^

Posto-posto! Pictures are here!

here~ we have my sis and ah Tan trying to figure out how to use the remote control~ lol >w<

Our room! lucky number 51!


my sis n shia-chi da!

kinda dark~

happy-happy times~

my throat was already so sore then..*cough cough*(-_-")

outside of our room. but still in the K-BOX.

kinda hard to take the pictures~ but worth it!^^

Hope to karaoke again! Until next time!

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