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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paper Plane contest~

Yesterday morn,

There was an paper plane flying contest going on,

At Politeknik,

Managed by my mother’s crew,

From the Mathematics, Science, and Computer department (JMSK).

It was really fun to watch them fly their paper planes inside the hall…

Unfortunately, I didn't get to participate in the contest. (I didn't have no plane in hand...)

I forgot to mention,

My brother was there as well, as does my mother(she was the chief after all).

There was also an inventing competition.

Looking at some of their inventions made miss my high school days…*sigh*

But, what to do? I’m getting old and that can’t be helped…*sigh*

During the paper plane contest,

We got a pamphlet of the contest,

And as some of you might have known from reading my posts before,

Which was that, I’m quite easily bored,

I made a plane out of the pamphlet,

My brother modified it a lil,

And we just played with the plane throughout the announcing of the winners and the handing of the prizes to the winners.

We felt like a child again! (or maybe, it's just me? *sweat dropped* -_-“)

My bro helped to take some pics for them afterwards.

he should be a photographer...hihi

After the paper plane contest had ended,

We had nothing to do,

Thus, our journey to Kuala Lumpur!


Will be posted after this! Ciao~^^

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