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Sunday, January 16, 2011

KL? jom~



TIME: 02:09 PM



that's 'bout it for this post!


just joking...


as mentioned on the above and previous post,

Yes, we(mom, bro, sis, n me) went to Kuala Lumpur.

First destination and objective: Strawberry Fields Restaurant in PJ, eat spaghetti carbonara chicken.

Mission outcome: Failed.

Regrettably, somehow there wasn't any water there that day,

thus, they couldn't cook said spaghetti... *sob sob*

So, we ended up asking something else,

which weren't quite so pleasant to our stomach at all!

my brother can only eat half portion of his food,

And then, he gave up...

pity us...*boohoo*

Second destination and objective: Giza, sight seeing?

Mission outcome: Success and a lil souvenir along the way~

After that, we went to Sunway Giza!

First thought ran through was, "This really ain't my place at all...=="

But, the sight was really pleasing to the eyes...

We ended up buying some fruits at a nearby fruit shop,

Call, "MBG, Money Back Guarantee".

But, seeing as we won't be going back there this very soon,

I guess it isn't such 'guaranteed' after all...

We also stumbled upon the restaurant which I once read about in a Chinese newspaper which I bought frequently in high school, Xue Hai.

The restaurant's name is Fullhouse.

It's a really cute restaurant,

try to go there if you have the time~^^

Third destination and objective: One Utama, window shopping!

Mission outcome: Success and some souvenirs too~<3

Kinda brought up some rather unpleasant memories,

But overall, it was fun!

Mom got herself a pair of sandals!

And we also bought dad a tie as a present for his birthday!

from this shop!

(He only has 2 tie even after living for 50 years, for heaven sake! ==)

Fourth destination and objective: Amcorpmall, BookXcess, buy some novels!

Mission outcome: Failed.

Sadly, there weren't any of the books that I wanted,

And there also weren't any new books that had catch my eyes.

My mom too for that matter.*sighs*

Ate McDonald before we went back though.

And that's the end of so call mission to Kuala Lumpur!

Wait for the next post, ya!

Guten Morgen, Tag und Nacht~ :D

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