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Friday, January 28, 2011

Being NAÏVE is such a depressing thing...

“My life is a bore,
My life is a mess,
My life’s the definition of the word distress.”

Well, my life’s not exactly at a point where you’ll call it distress ,

and neither is my life a mess. *Thank you very much*

The only word that’s true of my life nowadays is the word, bore.

I’m currently bored to tears now. I have exactly nothing to do!

OK, other than surfing the internet, playing PS2, doing the house chores and such,

Which I did on a basic routine even before the SPM started!

Where is the FUN that they (the SPM leavers) had always talked about when I was still in my high school years?

Where’s the EXCITEMENT which they told me to expect after my SPM has ended?

I can’t even find a single hair of it! If only it had hair…

I feel like my youth is oozing out of me…

This is really not what I had anticipated for my days after the SPM.

I feel betrayed, except that, nobody in particular had betrayed me from the beginning…

The EXCITEMENT that I had anticipated and authentically waited for so long,

Was all but just a figment of my imagination--

An illusion--

A false impression--

A fantasy--

A daydream--

No wonder Hamlet said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,”…

I’m presently living blissfully in ignorance,

As to ignore the facts that were clearly being spread wide open by others right before me, am I?

Conclusion to be made; I’m still too NAÏVE of the ways of life…

As such, I apologize to the world and to those who had worked themselves to the bones to show me the right path of life… SORRY!!!!

PS: My friend told me when you're depressed, eat some ice-cream! But, won't that make us fat if we were the type to be depressed all the time? (=_=")

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