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Monday, January 10, 2011


When you come to Ipoh,

There's an Indian Muslim Restaurant that you must stop by to!

The restaurant's name is, "Restoran Mari-mari"...


OK, no, it's actual name is "Restoran Nasi Kandar Pekan Lama"...

The nickname, "Restoran Mari-mari",

Is not common,

as it came from my mother and her siblings.

They said that when it first opened,

As not many came to their restaurant,

They kept calling, "Mari! Mari!" which meant 'Come! Come!',

My mother told me that they were about 600m away at that moment when the person saying "Mari! Mari!" saw them and called them over...

wow~ talk about the spirit in that! (or would it be better if it be called enthusiastic?)

The food are delicious if you ask me! (or else I wouldn't bother writing about it)

I recommend to all spicy food lovers to try eating there,

Cause the food are just...WOW~!

For me, who's not much of a spicy food lover,

I had to drink two glasses of water...-_-"

Talk about bloated...

For more info about the restaurant, you can find it here;

or here for more elaboration(I just found out this page! :D);

Do try them if you have the time, It's truly an interesting experience~^^

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