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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Discovery (for me!)~

I just found a new discovery!

Kak Sue just came back from her house in KL,

And she brought home this really HUGE banana!

She called it ‘Pisang Tanduk’,

Which if translated to English directly is called, ‘Horn Banana’?

Well, that sounds awfully weird… ha ha~

My mother wasn’t that surprised from the new discovery of mine.

I’m guessing that this new discovery was only surprising for me~*blush*

But, what do you expect?

It was the FIRST time I saw a banana that was twice the size of my palm,

And the same size as my foot! (…Yes, I did compared it with my foot… haha)

She even said that it’ll be more mouth-watering if it’s cooked.

Thus, that night’s dinner was toasts, Milo, and ‘Pisang Tanduk Goreng’!

Sounds more like something for breakfast, no?

But, that’s our dinner!

PS : The ‘Pisang Tanduk Goreng’ really tasted good!

It looks a little burnt but it tasted good! Try D.I.Y.!

Ingredients ;-

Banana, Flour, Water, a lil bit of Sugar,and a lil bit of Salt~

Monday, December 27, 2010

TRAP (hot spring)~

Went to TRAP the next day,

Some of the family members had already went back home,

So, it wasn’t as packed as that day.

Ah! For all of you who don’t know what TRAP meant,

Well, TRAP is short for Taman Rekreasi Air Panas,

It contains a hot spring and a mountain water swimming pool.

Kinda wonder what will those who does know what TRAP is say,

If we were to tell them that we went to TRAP;

“I went to TRAP last Sunday.” “…what?”*dumbfounded* haha~

But, as we came a little near the afternoon,

We didn’t get a chance to try the hot spring though.

Pity, pity…

Well, anyways,

We just went straight to the mountain water swimming pool.

It was JAMMED PACKED I tell you!

Kinda made me not want to go in.

But, of course, that was a lie.

Since, I was the first to run into the pool. *blush*

At any rate, the water is cold!

But, not as cold as the water in Sungai Bil.

The first thing I did was to ride the water slide.

I kind of slide with the superman style down the slide and had water ran into my nose,

When I reached the bottom.


But tolerable,

And insanely fun. Ha ha~

After that, we kinda end up swimming from the shallow parts,

To the deep parts of the pool,

Back and forth, Back and forth,

And repeating the same things, such as;






And such…

Over and over and OVER again…

For 3 whole hours~

(But I couldn't take any pictures though, since my phone isn't water proof *sighs*}

*that's half of me... or maybe 1/3 of me~ haha*

Then we went back home for lunch.

That’s the end of it.

Oh~! To tell you the truth,

Me and my little cousin kind of went up the slides repeatedly,

Whilst the other had already started to change into dry clothes.

They even announced it on the microphone for;

“Zakwan Affendi dan Nur Hannah, anda diminta untuk keluar dari kolam sekarang…”

It means that my cousin and I are asked to come out off the pool,

But as we were on the slides and there were artificial waterfalls around us,

We didn’t really hear anything.

But, alas, our fun was cut when my other two cousins came to fetch us.*sighs*

Now, that’s the REAL end to it. Ha ha~

PS: I just noticed I got like 11 new bruises all over my body, figures…

X'Mas? No~ Just a little(Big) Family reunion...

Every single family from my mother’s side came,

Well, maybe a few didn’t,

But majority of them did come!

Due to that,

The house became full of life.

(More so than it usually is….ha ha),

The first thing we did when they came were to watch a movie,

The youngsters and the men to be exact…

The women were in the kitchen,

Ruthlessly cleaning, cutting, seasoning and cooking lunch.

Good cooks they are.

Going back to the activity youngsters and men were doing,

I’ve got to tell you something.

There is one thing about the movies that was to be watched,

That is a MUST when it comes to be watched in my house, and that is;

The first movie would always, ALWAYS be a Chinese movie.

Courtesy of my dad, who is a Chinese, of course.

While we were watching the movie,

A stray thought suddenly stumbled by,

‘If should ever we, as a family of more than 70 people,

Were to go to a movie together…

I bet we’ll be kicked out from the cinema before the movie ends,

If were to be compared to the noises that were made just by watching a single DVD at home. (lol)

So, lunch and movie ended.

Subsequently, we went to Sungai Bil to go for a dip.

Some of the elderly stayed behind whilst others tag along.

As expected by the weather that pass over the days,

It rained just like the other days,

Though, not as heavy as before.

Thus, the plan to go for a dip in the river still moved on.

Alas, we arrived at our destination…

Sungai Bil!

Unsurprisingly, the temperature of the water was low.


Owing it to the rain before (which was still pouring but just drizzle then),

The temperature was lowering than it already was.

So, you get the idea.

The water was C.O.L.D.!!!

Literally, COLD~!!!

I wonder how a person who lives in Atlantic bathes?

…never mind.

Ignoring the real meaning of ‘taking a dip’,

We exactly did what each word meant take-a-dip.

With the temperature of the water being ice cold and the rocks that were around,

We couldn’t find any place or strength to swim at all.

So, we just played random games,


–splashing water around

-who could breath in water longer

-who could move against the current without being swayed by the current instead

-who could throw stones into a hole of a tree trunk (which was at the middle of the river)

-…and such

Childish? We know.

But it was fun, so, who cares?

Then, we went back home and made some BBQ (for dinner).

*I didn’t really participate in the BBQ, the PS2 kinda taken over all of my awareness which leads to me not knowing what had occurred during the BBQ~ Boohoo~ (TAT)*

And that’s there is, and there isn’t any more.

Thanks for reading.^^

Friday, December 24, 2010


This one’s gonna have short notes only.

The others… well; you can use your imagination, right? haha

Go to Seremban.

Mom’s staff’s wedding.

Stop by an R&R.

Beautiful scenery.

Like Cameron highlands.

Came too early.

Go to Giant.


Want a box of 30 games.



Want Monopoly.


Brother won.

Sad. Pouts.

Go to wedding.

Congratulate bride and groom.


Go to NILAI.

Buy mats.

Car. Too full.

No buy no more.

Go back home.