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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friends and KL

Just the day after our SPM had ended, some of my friends and I went to KL.

Truthfully, we had decided to go to KL a month even before our examination!

Everyone was enthusiastic of the idea of going to KL, especially Syifa’ and Najihah.

Me and Prevena excluded from the group though! *We were just so-so*

Several arguments rose between Syifa’, Najihah and I to where we were going, that were;

-Amcorp Mall
-One Utama

Amcorp Mall was a-must-go-place already,

Whereas, we could only another place to go,

That were, either One Utama or Midvalley.

They (as in Syifa’ and Najihah) were very determined to go to One Utama,

But, alas, I still won!

I never lose in asinine arguments! Haha~ (is this something to be proud of? *sweat dropped*)

With some really deep frowns from the others and of course, a smug look on me,

“Midvalley it is!”

That morning,

We went on the commuter in Tanjung Malim at 6:50 am,

And arrive at KL central at about 8.50 am.

Breakfast at KFC.

Then to Amcorp Mall using the LRT to Taman Jaya.

Sadly, our effort of coming there early to spend more time at the book store was futile,


The store opens at 10:30!

And we were there at 9:50 am.

So, we had to stay for at least 40 minutes.

However, what’s more fun to spend some time other than,

Taking pictures at somewhere that we hardly ever go?

So, “Tangkap! Tangkap! Tangkap!” it is~

When the store opened,

Our patience really did pay us back! Ha!

The prices of the novels there were half of the prices at normal bookstores!

Some cost even lower than half the original prices!

Like this one!

Cool~ right?

It’s like a dream come true! *for nerds like me la~*

After that, we went back to KL central,

Had our lunch at McDonalds,

Then, Midvalley!

Going to Midvally was literally fun…

For them, at least…

It wasn’t quite fun for me,

Cause I have to act as the ‘mature’ one in the group,

And that really sucks out the fun.

Most would say, “Why don’t you just enjoy like the others?”

But, I think, if I were to do that,

I doubt we’ll ever reach back Tanjung Malim with everyone still in the

Nevertheless, taken as a whole, going out with my friends was fun,

And I would like to do it again if I can!^^

Have A nice day~^^


  1. rajin ne?
    tengok post yg seterusnye...
    memang rajin sangat... (-_-")