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Friday, December 24, 2010

KL Fiasco~

Two days just after my trip to KL with my friends,

Again, I go to KL,

But, this time,

With my sister instead.

During our journey to KL,

We rode on the coach for women only.

Unfortunately, for these two young Chinese boys,

They mistakenly went on the coach we were in,

And when they did realize their situation,

It was already too late,

Cause the coach was so full,

That they couldn’t go to the normal coach.

But luckily for them, cause they were quite young (and Leng Jai’s too),

The aunties in the coach didn’t really mind their presence,

Unlike some pitiful uncles… haha

At KL Central, my sis and I went for breakfast,

And walked around just to waste time to wait for Kak Sue’s arrival.

(She kinda thought we had cancelled our plans to come),

I ended up taking a picture with a ‘John Cena’ ad while dallying around.

It was kinda embarrassing to pose just like John Cena did in the ad,

But with the thought which my teacher once taught me,*thanks teach!*

That, “Rumors will die down after 70 days.”

Then wouldn’t this situation be the same thing?

“No one would remember me after 70 days!” Ha!

…ok lor,

…I guess that was a quite ridiculous thought.

But I still got to take a picture with my idol!

So, it was a win-win situation! *I think?*

We met up with Kak Sue and her little brother later,

And went straight to Midvalley,

There we went and watched the movie “Rapunzel” in 3D.

But UNLUCKILY for me and Kak Sue, and Kak Dinah too,

Wearing the 3D spectacles wasn’t quite a comfortable thing to do,

Since we had to wear the 3D spectacles OVER our own spectacles,

Or else we couldn’t see.

Pity us… short-sighted peoples… *sob sob*

But the experience is kinda fun,

So, I guess it's OK...

Shortly after that, my brother and his girlfriend tag along,

And we decided to go and play bowling!

The participants were;

Me (obviously)

Kak Sue

Kak Sue’s Lil Bro

Kak Dinah

Abe Ame

Kak Ana decided to just watch at the side.

Abe Ame was determined to win,

(Well, of course he’s determined… He’s the only MAN in the group!

Plus, his girlfriend was there too~

Don’t wanna look bad in front of your girlfriend, no? haha)

But, alas, I won 1st place with a score of 115!

My Bro 2nd,

My Sis 3rd,

Kak Sue 4th

And her lil bro at 5th place.

He was quite embarrassed,

Cause I, his lil sis beat his ass. (In front of his girlfriend no less!)

*Take that big bro! The younger generations will always overcome the older generations! Ha!*

I seem to have a kick in rubbing salt on his wounds too, when I say,

“Bro, what happened? You just got beaten by your lil sis.” Hahaha

Then, we just walked around in Midvalley,

And watched the decorations for the upcoming Xmas.

There were gigantic toys everywhere.

I felt like we were in “Toy Story”,

With all the toys around.

Afterwards, we went to Times Square and drink some coffee at Starbucks.

And, of course…

My brother paid for it all. Huhu…

And after that, we went back home.

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