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Monday, December 20, 2010

HAri Raye~~~~hahaha

Alas! I got the pics from my brother of when we had celebrated Hari Raya last month!

Truthfully, I kinda accidentally stumbled upon the pics,

when I asked to use my brother's laptop(which wasn't even his actually!) to do some things.

*A/N:- Abe Ame X Gune!!!*

Talking 'bout Hari Raye,

I got much more "money" this year than the last!

Banzai for growing older each year!


Pity me for not knowing how to spend them as cleverly as I can,

Cause I had spent all of them in just one go when I went shopping in KL with my sister n friends,

My hands just moved to my wallet without my mind's consent,

When we EVENTUALLY got home,

I was like, "What have I just done?"

And there were only RM4 in my wallet whereas before it had RM400 in it, haha...

Well, that's just mighty fine, ain't it?

OK, enough with the complaining and on with the pics!


and Tada! that's the end of it!

There's still more but I'm too lazy to update,

So, do excuse me~ huhuhu~

Have a nice day!

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