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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Discovery (for me!)~

I just found a new discovery!

Kak Sue just came back from her house in KL,

And she brought home this really HUGE banana!

She called it ‘Pisang Tanduk’,

Which if translated to English directly is called, ‘Horn Banana’?

Well, that sounds awfully weird… ha ha~

My mother wasn’t that surprised from the new discovery of mine.

I’m guessing that this new discovery was only surprising for me~*blush*

But, what do you expect?

It was the FIRST time I saw a banana that was twice the size of my palm,

And the same size as my foot! (…Yes, I did compared it with my foot… haha)

She even said that it’ll be more mouth-watering if it’s cooked.

Thus, that night’s dinner was toasts, Milo, and ‘Pisang Tanduk Goreng’!

Sounds more like something for breakfast, no?

But, that’s our dinner!

PS : The ‘Pisang Tanduk Goreng’ really tasted good!

It looks a little burnt but it tasted good! Try D.I.Y.!

Ingredients ;-

Banana, Flour, Water, a lil bit of Sugar,and a lil bit of Salt~

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  1. hannah????!!!
    frst tyme tgk pisang tanduk?
    okok. entry ni mmg lawak. hahaha~