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Monday, August 24, 2009

I'll be damn...

This is going to be a very short post...

I just checked my school bag and were very surprised to see the content in it...

so let me just go straight to the point...


Maybe 6 is many already but I got 15!!!

Goodbye my peaceful and joyful holiday...T^T*cries*

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is not the first day of fasting, really...

it already started yesterday but I still wanted to post something about it...

My first day of fasting was not entirely tiresome than I thought...

maybe it is because that I slept the whole morning till 2pm!!!*blushed*

I really am not a good maiden am I?*haha*

But who cares about that anyway?

That is the prove of my existance!!!*not! lol*

This is my advice*which is not really mine but still it is from me for now* to Muslims all about...

don't forget to do your prayers...

and drink lots and lots of water(at night of course)!!!

and another is *this one's from my dad*, "even though we are fasting now...

it doesn't mean that you are forbidden to do anything!

So don't just sit there and go out for an adventure!!!"

In anyways, to all Muslims around the world...


Friday, August 21, 2009



"Ho-li-day?"*a bit surprised*

"What holiday?"

"Is there a holiday?"*asking curiously*

"I never heard there are going to be a holiday!" 

"Are there any special occasions that needed a holiday?" 

and that was what my mind was going through when I first heard there were going to be a holiday next week. Then, my friends were like,

"What?!"*stares at me with widen eyes*

"OMG!"*their expression was a bit like this picture that time*

"I can't believe there are still people who didn't know that we are going to have a holiday next week!"*dumbfounded*

"And we have even talked about it from last week!"

"Don't you look at your calender?"*she said this with a rather curious tone*

"I bet she doesn't even have one!"*everybody laughes*

and apparently I really don't have one... haha...


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Damn Sleepy...

The time now is 3:26am in the morning...

and you ask me why am I still not sleeping?

The reason is that I have a Malay oral test tomorrow and I have to memorized a really boring script for it!

I don't even understand what the topic that I'm going to talk is about!

What was the title again? ARGH!!! Forget it!!!

After reading it out loud like a thousand times already(this was a method one of my friends taught on how to memorize quickly)...

I could only remember a line!!!

You heard me clearly, people...

just ONE LINE only!!!

And from 4 paragraphs at THAT!!!

What am I gonna do!!!

Ich bin so tot ist... *mentally hitting my head to a wall* T_T

Friday, August 14, 2009

Practice for oral test... *_*

Just now, two of my friends and I practiced for our oral test which asked us to do a short drama. The drama that we have chosen for our oral test was suppose to have 4 actors but one of our friend is under the weather so we had to practice ourselves first. 

At first, I thought it would be more easier with less people to practice with, never thought it was a wishful thinking. They acted the characters like robots. Reading each script with no tone, no mood nor expression!

Me: Why can't you say it properly! Try it again! "Later!"

Mai: "Ladder!"

Me: No! "Later!" not "Ladder!"

Mai: "La- La- Ladder!"

Me: *dumbfounded. Then, looks at Zu* Zu! Try saying "Satisfied!"

Zu: "Satify?"

Me: No! "SA-TIS-FIED!!!"

Zu: "Sa-ti-fied?"

Me: OMG!!! Why are your english speaking so bad?!


I thought I wanted to cry that moment! In the end, the practice was a success. I just hope that they'll be just as good as at practice... Ich hoffe...*sweat drops*

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to School...damn...

           After 5 days of resting at home, my fever and migraine disappeared... I was feeling rather happy for at last, 'I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!' until I realized that my cough didn't disappear on me... and that's where my HELL of a day starts... I was forced to wear a mask to school. I didn't felt that wearing a mask is such a bad thing until I reached school... all the students(and I mean ALL OF THEM except for my classmates and some others... they were so kind) were like, 

"Look! She is wearing a mask!"

"A H1N1 suspect!"

"OMG! I'm going to be infected by H1N1!"

"H1N1! H1N1!"

...what the hell was that suppose to mean! I mean, can't they think of a better reason for someone to be wearing a mask? Like maybe she is cautious and is wearing it to prevent herself for getting H1N1 or maybe that she has a flu that she doesn't want to spread to others or something like that! How could they even thought that I have H1N1? I mean wasn't it like common sense that if I were a H1N1 suspect, I would have been quarentined at home already!   

          It felt like, have you ever tried to get a toy from a toy crane machine but couldn't (not even once) and the couple next to you could get the toys as easy as pie and were continueing to do that just to show off their skills to you... If me, I felt like choking them but because it was too drastic of a movement, I just kept it to myself... and that's how I felt! I felt like stranggling each and one of them who said the word "H.1.N.1." but I'm too young to go jail yet! And so, I can only use my imagination now...verdammen...

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Term Fever for me now~

In my previous post,

I had written that having a fever is not that bad, right?

I'm taking that back...


I now declare that I hate fever!!!

(unless I get it on days that I forgot to do my homework then I'll be happy to have it...)

Sometimes, when I was at school,

I was quite jealous of my friends who caught a fever....

I don't know why myself, maybe it is because I don't get sick much.

Even if I did, my parents would force panadols (a type of medicine) down my throat!

Sometimes I wonder, are they REALLY my parents?

I mean, what kind of parents force their sick children to school?!

Me : For crying out loud, just let me stay at home already! I'm sick for heaven sakes!

My Parents : It is not our fault that you are sick, it is your own fault that you are sick! Now reap what you sew! Eat this medicine and go to school!

Me : *blankly stares at my parents as crickets start chirping*

Haha... I think I'm going to take a rest now,

my migraine just came back...

Do wish that I'll recover soon!

Bis zum nächsten Mal! Adi-ë! ^_^

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Still Feverish...-_-

My fever is not subsiding yet...

I wonder when will it go away...

I really hate long-term fevers...

Makes me feel sick?

What am I saying, having a fever is being sick!