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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Light me up another day of sunshine. :)

The last week before study week was hectic.

There were tons of assignments to be sent,

Along with tests to go through.

Haven't gotten much sleep this few days,

Having had to do the assignments throughout the night,

Luckily, I have these two big brothers of mine who were willing enough to accompany me through the nights. ok, that sounded odd.. or maybe it's just me.. haha. ignore that.. la la la -_-

All of us currently have panda eyes. If only it were literally THE panda eyes. at least they're cute.. huhu 

But, even though the workloads were ubber KILLERS

I didn't have a breakdown though due to their presences.. 

I meant the brothers of mine, not the panda eyes.

thanks man, I owe you guys lots.  (^3^)/ 

PS: and abang Sabah! when I said I owe you, I don't mean money. = =+

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ey ey! hey hey! :D


I did post that I'm going to write about my activities, right?

But i didn't actually write when Imma write it, did I?

Meaning thattttttt...

I have no obligations to write em fast!


Ok. no.

I really wanted to write about it. I really di..d.

But, Lady Time just won't lend me a hand to write em.

There were just too much to do and to squeeze this lil blog onto the list just seemed impossible.
(well  yeah, maybe I could if I wanted to, but I'm too lazy to put in the extra effort, how bout that? hehehe :p)

And the mountains of workloads which just keeps on crashing on to me like those big ass tidal waves.. and the way they rake my hairs out and their constant pulling me off of mah bed for days... God.. the horror...

At one point I literally thought that I was gonna die after reading a post about a dude, died for not sleeping for 58 hours straight.. haha ok...that was scary, I shouldn't laughed. -_-"

Well, enough with the complaints, assignments and worrying things!

Let's pretend they're cute little butterflies and set them free!
Fly away cute lil butterflies~ Far far away from me~
Or Imma burn you all into freakin' charcoals, you hear me?! Muahahahaha~

Yeah okay.. imma hav ta go back to doing my assignments..

But before that, here's a 12.12.12 commemoration pic!

Taken exactly at 12 : 12 :12 am on the 12/12/12. haha! I'm feeling quite proud of myself here Pwned!

Have a nice day people.. unlike me.. hmmhmmm T^T

Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy lil bee, busy as can be~

I've been to too many events to make a post for every one of them.
And due to the discussion with my good old friends, 
Lady Procrastination and Sir Laziness
I had came with the decision to just skip them all and only write about the most recent event I've been through.

However, Duke Annoying-Lil-Voice from a faraway land called the-back-of-my-head didn't have the same thought though. 
He kept on nagging me to write something about them even though I'm THAT lazy.
Because of that; 

Alas! Here I am~
ye happy now, annoying voice?! ==

Now, where shall I start?
Let me just write about the events I've gone to for this post, k? :)

Yeah, from the beginning I suppose...
The first event that I've gone right after my mom and sis visited;
A theater monologue called Tiada Ganti performed by the Meow Meow Production.

Simply said; the play was MAQNIFIQUE. Tres Bien. 

I was kinda annoyed though when people kept on accusing me for going to watch the play just to see the lead actor. 
I don't even know the guy.
His name is Abang Azhar... or was it Abang Azha? 
Look! I can't even spell his name!

Now, why on earth would I be going to the play for him if I didn't know him from the start? 
Think logically people. 
You have brains. 
Use themmmm... -_- 

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the play. 
Even though it was only parts of the original play.

Am looking forward if there are more plays by Meow Meow Production. :)

Next on the list is; 
Indonesian Cultural Night.

I have to say.
I don't have much idea of what I saw that night.

Out of all performances, I'm quite fond of one performance in particular;
Tari Saman.
Much like Dikir Barat, but have more movements involved.
They're cool in a way.

I've got to participate in a dance as well! 
It was quite an eventful night, per say. :D

Afterwards was; The international netball tournament.
A friend came for a visit that day too; Syadza Izzati. Cyeah~
Oh! And before you start thinking of anything, let me answer a few questions;

No, I wasn't there to participate.
 I was only there to cheer for the team from my college.

Why I didn't participate? Simple.

I'm not athletic, 
I don't have enough stamina, 
and I'm darn lazy to even build up my stamina. 
(I like sports, but playing them seriously is a different matter.)

And it was a guy's team, anyway. 
So yeah... figure out the rest yourselves. -_-

The team got third place. It was a good day. :D

After that; PPIP Interaction day~

I kinda forgot about the interaction day until the eleventh hour which was at 2 am of the day of the event.
Had to quickly force myself to sleep and wake back up at 6. The torture (I've set upon myself, I know)~ haha

Anyway, the day went somewhat like this; 

Lots of seniors~
though couldn't find any TESOL seniors though..hmmm..
Lots of absentees~ 
Lots of activities~
Lots of new friends and laughter~
Lots of experiences~

A lil sleepy for the whole day, but it was fun. Ngehehe~ :F

The last event(not exactly the last, but I'll say it was, for now...) I went to was;
Program Malam Motivasi Santai bersama Dato Fazley & Imran Ajmain.
In English; a relaxing night motivation programme with Dato Fazley and Imran Ajmain

Truth be told, I didn't know who Dato Fazley was, 

nor how Imran Ajmain looks like even though I have listened to two of his songs.

when i asked who he (Dato' Fazley) was, people kept on answering me with the same answer;
"Oh come on! He's the winner of Master chef Malaysia tu!" 

As if i even know what on earth master chef even was???'

At last, on that night, I then know how they look like and what the said master chef thingy actually was.

So on and so forth.

Overall, the night was great, there was no doubts about that..

Well.. maybe except for a few things;

like the food, 
the non-existence-of-the-motivation-part-even-though-it-was-called-a-motivation-programme, 
the jealous stares, 
the crazy fans and etc. 

Everything else was splendidly enjoyable. :)

And that is it for the events I've been through.
I'll may be posting on how I spend my free times in Penang next. 
Did you note the 'may'? hehe
Good night. ^_^

Sunday, October 7, 2012

welcomed visitors. :)

Few visitors came yesterday.

My mom and sis. 

They didn't stay very long,

but it was still really great seeing them. love them <3 .="." p="p">

Hope they'll visit again. :]

Sunday, September 30, 2012

USM days...

I'm kinda getting used to USM's hectic lifestyle... kinda...

am forming a bad habit of eating late at night, resulting in the formation of zits of which has been long since we've last met. 

we meet again... grrrrrr....

HATEFUL zits.. -,-

Went to a camp last week. "Kem Pimpin Siswa". It's a boot camp programme on which every USM first years have to attend. Was kinda like this at first;

But, the three days were fun. 

Some sore throats, sore muscles, loss of blood due to leeches or mosquitoes, loss of voice(me only) but nothing compare to the thrill and extreme fun that we went through! love the moment! ^^

Also went to a lantern festival programme. :D
At first, went there just to watch. Somehow ended up participating in the ride.

and we weren't in the best of attires. Especially me... 

I was in a skirt! A big brown skirt!!

Riding a bicycle for about 20km(didn't reach the quota exactly) in a skirt was scary as hell! Had to be careful off the road since it was at night and careful of my skirt so it won't be stuck in the rim...

Kinda remembered of my past accidents with bicycles. Not exactly a pretty experience to be repeated...-,-

It was entertaining nevertheless. Am so entering it again next year! with  the right attire, of course hahaha

And that's all for this post! bubye! :D

Monday, September 17, 2012


Since I've entered USM,
I've kinda made up my mind that I'mma be really really ACTIVE,
Whether it is in class or even outside of class.

That was why I entered this event called Variasiswa!
Okay... more like the name of my team is called Variasiswa, 
for an event called Malam Apresiasi Siswa Merdeka 1 Malaysia. hehe ;p

I actually participated in the Variasiswa cause they asked for anyone who can sing OR dance OR act.

They didn't say that participants have to do ALL!

Nevertheless, since I'm not one to back out off my words,
I went along with it anyway. 
And I'm kinda glad with my decision of not backing out.
It was great fun

There were some sad and painful times,
and we too didn't win the best award,
but the enjoyable times made up for them all.
I've made many new comrades,
Met with much great people e.g. Abang Fud(?) 
don't know how to spell his nickname. haha... 
And went through many ups and downs with them. 
yeah I'm kinda exaggerating since this happened only in a week time. haha..

We didn't regret not winning, 
We've laid out our performance at the very best  that we could.
And we still got a hamper of participation! haha 
So, there was nothing to regret. :)

We even enjoyed the others' performances,
Even our so-called enemies' performances!

They too were great!
What was there to hate? haha

And with that I'll end this post with a note that; 

If there are other events going to be held pertaining my Desa that Indah Kembara to participate, 
I'll try my best to participate as well! 
Roar! Opps! Wrong collage. Ssssss~ 

Wish me luck on trying my best to have the best of both worlds ei? haha ^^

Friday, September 14, 2012


I haven't got much free time, so here's the gist of my life in Penang.
Yesterday was my birthday. 
19th to be exact. :) hehe

13th of September. 
Every year.

Variasiswa was and is killing my legs,
but still doing it! Roar! 
Wish us luck for tomorrow night! ;F

The stairs are still my then and current most hated enemy.

The hospital/clinic a.k.a. Pusat Sejahtera is quite near.
Am using that to my advantage! ;p

Am falling in love with their (USM) library.
Am believing that will be spending more time there after this.

Just noticed I'm stupidly joining/participating anything I see.

Hmmm... killing myself in little bits unbeknownst-ly... hahaha

Going through them anyway! 

USM and Penang is quite a nice place to be in...

Except for the weather and some other things... :\
But overall, still nice! :D

And that's all for now. Good day. :)

PS: I'd like to thank a new good friend of mine, Hanis, in which has been very kind and supportive and a lot more like being there for me and for the ever awkward-ish (at least, on my part I felt awkward being sung to a birthday song by my whole class whom I'm not really that close to yet) birthday wish. haha 

Anyhow, thanks Hanis. It was thoughtful and sweet. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

A new start.

                                          Slept at 12:00am on our first day.
                                          At 12:45am on the next day.
                                          Then, at 1.30am.
                                          2am after that.
                                          Later at 3am.
                                          And at 4am on our last day.

Gosh, what a week.
It was fun and hellish at the same time.
I don't know how I was able to cope with the regime, but I did! 
and at last it had all but ended! Yeay! :D

Now, I am officially a citizen of USM a.k.a. a USM-er
Congratulate me please~ haha

first step in USM.

First day in USM started great.
My whole family came to send me off. 
It was somewhat a happy occasion for my family of my entering to USM.
And I wasn't quite sadden of being left behind as how I did when I first entered UiTM.

So, all went well on the first day. :D
There were a lot of talks given in the main hall through the whole "Program Siswa Lestari",
But as per usual, I slept through most of the talk even the important ones...
Had to interrogate the people beside me of things due to that. ngahahaha~
Hey! you can't blame me! I was sleepy and the talks were very boring and long! =3=

Ehem... well, that's that.
Moving on...
FYI, I'm currently living in a dorm called Desasiswa Indah Kembara.
Our theme this year is snake,
So, there was a lot of snake symbols in our cheers.
It was hella fun! And a lot of coughing and sore throats on the side lines. haha 

Believe it or not, my (and some few boys) birthday was celebrated by my whole dorm!
Our seniors/caretakers or more known as PPSL made a trick by blaming us for somethings and surprised us with a small feast! 
It was a pleasant and sleepy surprise indeed since it was all done at 3 in the morning. -,- haha
Nevertheless, the tiring surprise was really welcomed. 
Thank you very much dear PPSL brothers and sisters!
Love you guys for it and the whole taking caring of us for the whole week! :D

Talking bout acquaintances, here are some people I've befriended and gotten quite close to here in USM. ^^

The first from the left is my roommate; Kak Ila from Kelantan.
She doesn't really have a Kelantan slang so you couldn't really figure it out unless you ask her directly.
Friendly and cool. I like having her as my roommate. :)

Next pic shows a comrade from TESL and a new coursemate from TESOL.
Izni and Hanis. Both are from Penang.
It is nice having a person you know near you and making new friends at the same time. :)

The last pic shows my roommate's friends from matriculation whom which I've also befriended with.
Kak Shira, Kak Dora, Kak Nani, and Kak Amal.
I'm kinda more close to Kak Shira from the rest but it is still nice being in their company. ^^

In 2 more weeks, I'm going for a programme called Kem Pimpin Siswa in which all USM-ers need to participate in their first year.
They say it's quite the same like PLKN in which I still haven't went to.
Kinda bummed about that but am kinda looking forward to it as well! hehe

And again FYI, I'm trying my best in participating in any events that I'm able to find.
I'm in the process of making myself "active" unlike when I was in USM.
Am trying my best to make the best out of the four years Imma stay here in USM.
So, wish me all the best guys~ Aja aja fighting! ;D

And that is all of my report of my orientation week a.k.a. "Program Siswa Lestari" at USM.

Reported by,

Hannah Yee, 
Ex-TESLian of UiTM Lendu,
First year student,
Bachelor of Education with honours(TESOL),
Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Since I'm entering University this upcoming 1st of Sept,
Some preparations are needed to be made.

After checking, rearranging and packing up the things from last time, *uhuk*UiTM*uhuk*
Seems like there were some things needed to be bought.

So, made a list of the things,
And of to the shopping malls! roar~

Lil cousin tagged along since she was bored.
And the journey began~

We got everything that we needed.. erm.. I mean, I needed that day;

Except for shoes..:\

But we still enjoyed the day exponentially. :D

I hope we can do this again.. 
..someday. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Of money and presents.

Money or Presents?

Money as a present? Or some other thing as a present?
Which would you choose?

In any other occasion, money seems more tempting to receive.
Compared to a normal present, you'll be able to buy the thing that you really want if you get some money.

However, in my opinion, I'd rather receive a present than money for my birthday.


It's because it lets me remember the one who gave me the gift more compared to them giving me money.

How is that so?

Well, figure me this.
When someone gives you money, it becomes YOUR MONEY.
And when you used that money to buy something, it becomes YOUR STUFF.

Still don't understand what I'm trying to convey?

Here, the process is something like this.

Someone gave you money  

Your money 

You bought something for yourself

Your stuff

Conclusion, you bought the thing on your own.
You may have used the money you received to buy the thing,
However, the money receiving part would never be THAT significant compared to the fact that you bought the stuff on your own.

You may love the thing that you bought using the money that you have received,
but you will never see "the thing you bought" as "the thing you receive".

Now, do you get the picture?

Yeah, money is important, but you can get it anywhere either by working for it or by receiving it;
Afterwards, you'll see the that money as YOUR MONEY.
You may be thinking of it as a gift at first,
but in the end, you'll still see it as your money to use as you wish.

However, when you receive some thing which is not money as a present,
the meaning to the thing that you receive will always be "the thing I received".
Hence, you'll appreciate it and the owner more. :)

At the same time, the person who receives the present should also appreciate what they get.
They should never be ungrateful of what they receive.
At the very least, someone is willing to give you something, right?
Appreciate the effort, no?

And a note for the ones who wants to choose a present to give,
It isn't about the price or the brand.
Even if it's cheap, if you can find something that is useful or within the receiver's range of interest,
Shouldn't that be enough?

unless the person you're giving a gift to is one hell of materialistic b!tch, then I can't help you on that problem.

Lastly, and if you really really can't think of anything to give,
Give them some good food,
That always works for me, at least. ;p

have a nice day. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eid 2012. :D

"Selamat aidilfitri~
Kepada saudara serta saudari~
Setahun hanya sekali~
Merayakan hari yang mulia ini~

Di masa bulan Ramadhan~
Kita berpuasa hingga sebulan~
Pabila Syawal menjelma~
Hari raya disambut dengan gembira~"

Again another Ramadhan has passed.
Somehow, it felt as if this year's fasting month wasn't as tiring as last year's.
Maybe it's because I was mostly slouching and snoozing at home this year... hehe..

It has been too long since I've played firecrackers and fireworks with my cousins on the night of Raya.
The last time I played anything fire-ry was roughly about 5 years ago, I think?
Can't remember it clearly... :\

Well, anyway, I managed to persuade my mom to let us stay at our grandpa's house that night;
and we played like we're having a frenzy~

It was crazy fun! ^^
Other than that, we also played Slenderman.
One of my cousins screamed like a girl and almost flipped the laptop off when Slendy appeared...

That's a sight to behold~ hahahaha xD

And compared to last year, this year's raya felt a lot more merrier,
Even though there aren't as much photos taken this time compared to last year... :)

Overall, it was definitely a great Raya for me.
I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Hope it'll be better next year. :D

Happy Raya y'all~! haha :D

Friday, August 17, 2012

Moving in life.

My journey so far;

                           1997          ...a Chinese Kindergarten, Kuantan..*can't remember. hehe
                           1998-1999  Madrasah Al-Wahidah, Kuantan
                            2000-2002  SJK(C) Pei Chai, Kuantan
                            2003-2005  SK Semambu, Kuantan
                            2006          SMK Agama Pahang, Muadzam Shah 
                            2006          SMK Tengku Afzan, Kuantan
                            2007-2009  SMK Seri Ampang, Ipoh 
                            2009-2010  SMK Dato' Zulkifli Mohammad, Slim River
                            2011-2012  UiTM Kampus Lendu, Alor Gajah

Next stop - USM Kampus Pulau Pinang, P. Pinang

 Ever since I was small, I've been jumping from one school to another. I was never that fond of moving, whether it was moving to a new school or to a new house or to a new neighbourhood. Leaving behind a place that you've made yourself felt at ease in always left a sense of belonging in my heart. The good memories I've made and the some silly fears of the new place would always pull me down when the act of "moving" is mentioned. It never felt quite right to move. 

But, after some time, and a lot of moving was made, I managed to move on on those silly fears. I was sad, at times, but it didn't made mope as I used to. In fact, it made me realize that it won't always be in my choice to stick to something for the rest of my life. When the time comes, you'll always have to part with some things such as these. So, why not try to enjoy any and every littlest thing that comes your way. I guess it won't be easy and there may be obstacles too, but isn't it better than not?

At least it is for me. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


*one fine night, after chatting with big bro on Facebook

Me: Ma! Can I go to KL sometime this week? I wanna have a ride with bro on his bike! :D
Mom: What? You wanna leave this sick old me alone in this house?
Me: *arrows to heart* ... on second thought, nevermind... : |

I do love you mom, I really do. But sometimes, your 'little test' are just too hard to bear. haha
But I guess that's just how you are.

I just hope I'll be more 'prepared' for them next time without getting my heart shattered first. 

"I have loved you till now, I'll love you forever." :')

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lil stop; Seremban.

Again mom had another course to go to; 
this one was in Seremban. 
So, to Seremban we went~
Stayed at a hotel called Allson Klana Resort.
Their Ramadhan buffet was extremely good!

Especially their grilled mutton! 
Couldn't get enough of em...*drools :L

Went to meet a few friends as well!
Got a lil bit lost on the way.
Still enjoyed the walk though. :)

Arep and Zul haven't changed a bit (except for Arep's hairstyle.);
still as jolly and sarcastic as always.

Really missed this two idiotic bunch. 
Hope they'll never change...

At the very least, with me, that is. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Her journey; UniKL.

It has only been two days since my sister moved out of the house to UniKL;
And the house became exceptionally awkward without her familiar laughter. 
I wonder how will it be when my time comes to move out; 
And it's really not that far, my time that is.