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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lil stop; Seremban.

Again mom had another course to go to; 
this one was in Seremban. 
So, to Seremban we went~
Stayed at a hotel called Allson Klana Resort.
Their Ramadhan buffet was extremely good!

Especially their grilled mutton! 
Couldn't get enough of em...*drools :L

Went to meet a few friends as well!
Got a lil bit lost on the way.
Still enjoyed the walk though. :)

Arep and Zul haven't changed a bit (except for Arep's hairstyle.);
still as jolly and sarcastic as always.

Really missed this two idiotic bunch. 
Hope they'll never change...

At the very least, with me, that is. :)

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