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Thursday, March 4, 2010


again the topic oral came up in school!!!


Well, it involves me in it so of course the topic came up~haha

to be exact,

my teacher told to us to get a partner for ourselves,

as we are doing pairing for the oral test and all...

but because there were 23 girls and 5 boys in class,

the last pair would be an odd pairing than the others...

which happened to be me and this new guy in the class,

well not exactly "new" as he had came to the class about two months ago~

and so back to the main topic,

we were teamed up together,

the title of the short drama script that we picked(actually I picked)

is 2+2=5 which is a really funny conversation between a woman and an odd little man,

but that wasn't the point!

the point was that we were supposed to had already done our oral test yesterday,

if it wasn't for the new dude!

The first attempt he got really NERVOUS that he stuttered like a broken record!

the whole class laughed(I laughed too so I can't really blame them could I)

Then the second attempt,

he accidentally forgot his dialogue in the middle for the play!

I was like "THE HELL?!" and mimic the words by using my mouth,

which a total worthless effort cause he doesn't understand them at all!

And again the crowd laughed(me too again)

So, the second attempt too failed...

The third attempt...

by acting beside his for two accidental acts,

and laughed out my gut for the two of them///

I have laughed too much that I too forgot my own dialogue!!!*blush*

Now, our teacher asked us to redo our play tomorrow!

Which is a total troublesome thing to do but we must! TAT

So, for anyone who is reading this post! Please wish me luck!!!

I don't want to redo it again with him!=[]=///

Oh! Examination week is just next week!

Wish for me to do well in them too!^^