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Friday, October 30, 2009


I kinda wonder why they call "softball" as "softball"?

I mean, seriously! The ball isn't soft at all!

It really hurts when this "softball" thing is thrown at you!

They should have called it as "hardball" than "softball",

Than people will really know that the ball is hard!

But that aside, today was the last day we played PJK for the year 2009!

For next week we're going to have our final examination and after that, HOLIDAY!

...not! I think we're going to have extra classes during the holidays!

A life of a student sucks! but it's still fun at times!

Here are some pics that were sneakily taken by my friend!

Though unfortunately they were all taken by the hind sides only... as I said, they were sneakily taken...

They are still pictures worth taking! Tchuss! 

I notice that my blue sports shirt seems to stand out a bit...

that kinda makes me feel happy...?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A walk In 10 minutes Time...

These are pics that I've taken just a while ago...

And the sceneries I saw along the way~

The pics were taken spontaneously as I walk,

So, don't ask me why's the angles of the pics a bit weird... haha...

Do ignore the feet!
I kinda like this angle...

And that's it ladies and gents! til next time!

Monday, October 26, 2009


As far as all of you know is that,
I love to listen to musics,
But what you don't know is that...
I don't even remember half of the singers of the songs that I listen to,
And even if I know the singer of the song,
that doesn't mean that I know the singers intently...
which leads to this story...
For your information, I like to listen to the songs of a band name "Bunkface",
and another information for you to know is that,
I really mistook an information about this band,
And I just know it today! (though I've known the band for about 2 years now!)
Want to know what this mistaken information is?
Well, brace yourselves...
For this past 2 years, I thought they were Indonesians!
What?! How should I know they were Malaysians just like me?
It's not like they say,"Hey guys! We're Malaysians!" in their songs!!!
just like a Malay idiom, I'm really a "katak bawah tempurung"...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! 

Here's the pictures that I promised in the a trip in a day post! 


And done!!! Mui bien Hannah! 

I've got to say, it was so hard to upload these pics! 

The size were too damn big

But then again,

it was worth it, don't you think? 

Comments! ^_^

Is This Embarrassing or Just A laughing Matter?

Just this morning,

I woke up as usual,

And did the things I usually do, 



Brushing my teeth,

Performing my morning prayers,

Eating my breakfast,

and then go to school...


And THAT was the problem...

There weren't any school today!

When me and my mom reached school,

There weren't even a single student there!

And so I tried calling Syam,

And she told me  that there weren't any school today!



I was quite embarrassed by it,*blushed*

but then after talking about it back..

me and my mom laughed like crazy!

And now I'm here,

at home...

writing about it in my blog... haha...

Look! I could even take a picture of myself!

The hell is wrong with me?

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Half A Day Trip~

On the day before yesterday which is Saturday,

Me and my family went to Cameron Highlands,

We didn't really have a specific objective of going there, really...

the idea sorta just pops up in the middle of one of our discussions,

and at that moment, it slightly piqued our interest, 

and we just agreed to it. 

"Uhm... wanna go to Cameron Highlands?"

"Huh? ...OK!"

And just like that! *dumbfounded*

It was kinda weird but why spoil the fun, no?

And so, our journey began!

We began our journey at 9(or so) and arrive at Cameron Highland at about 10.12(or so)...

The first place that we went to was a strawberry farm...

we actually wanted to try experiencing on plucking our own strawberries,

but we don't know why, the strawberry farm was closed...

and so, with our broken hearts but still burning will, (just like Naruto) 

we moved on with our journey in search of other strawberry farms to go to,

but before that, we took some pictures at a flower shop next to the strawberry farm!

I too ate some strawberry popsicles there which was surprisingly delicious!

The popsicles cost RM1 each but it worths each penny!

I ate two actually...

Me and my lust for food...

(well maybe the word lust is a bit too over the edge but I couldn't find another word to describe it... my vocabulary has dropped without I even noticed...)

After that, we went for our lunch and performed our evening prayer(Zuhur) ...

The water at the mosque where I used for wuduk was cold as ice!

I thought I would freeze at that moment!*shiver*haha~

but it was refreshing!

Then we went to a place called Kg. Taman Sedia,

It was a Malay kampung where Malays populate in...  (Of course la!)

There were a few strawberry farm there and we went to one of them.

And the best part was that, we were the only one on the farm!

Me and my family pluck strawberries like crazy there,

and we even drink some strawberry milkshake and strawberry ice blend...

That was the first time I ate so much strawberries,

That I thought that I'll have a strawberry nightmare that night!

The next stop we went was to Bukit Brinchang...


actually we didn't really reached Bukit Brinchang,

we just made it half way, took some pictures and went back...

Cause the road ahead was jammed with cars... 

and the worst was that there was only a way in and a way out!

I seriously thought that we would fall into the ravine!

Ah! before we went back, we stopped at roadside shop...

my father went to buy some fruits,

while I went to a shop to buy some chocolate covered strawberry!


I want to eat them again!

There were some pictures we took along the way!

I'll put it in next time!

Wait For IT!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rumah Terbuka~!!! pt.2

The pics are here! tre bien!

And as usual, I'll put the food pics first! haha