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Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy lil bee, busy as can be~

I've been to too many events to make a post for every one of them.
And due to the discussion with my good old friends, 
Lady Procrastination and Sir Laziness
I had came with the decision to just skip them all and only write about the most recent event I've been through.

However, Duke Annoying-Lil-Voice from a faraway land called the-back-of-my-head didn't have the same thought though. 
He kept on nagging me to write something about them even though I'm THAT lazy.
Because of that; 

Alas! Here I am~
ye happy now, annoying voice?! ==

Now, where shall I start?
Let me just write about the events I've gone to for this post, k? :)

Yeah, from the beginning I suppose...
The first event that I've gone right after my mom and sis visited;
A theater monologue called Tiada Ganti performed by the Meow Meow Production.

Simply said; the play was MAQNIFIQUE. Tres Bien. 

I was kinda annoyed though when people kept on accusing me for going to watch the play just to see the lead actor. 
I don't even know the guy.
His name is Abang Azhar... or was it Abang Azha? 
Look! I can't even spell his name!

Now, why on earth would I be going to the play for him if I didn't know him from the start? 
Think logically people. 
You have brains. 
Use themmmm... -_- 

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the play. 
Even though it was only parts of the original play.

Am looking forward if there are more plays by Meow Meow Production. :)

Next on the list is; 
Indonesian Cultural Night.

I have to say.
I don't have much idea of what I saw that night.

Out of all performances, I'm quite fond of one performance in particular;
Tari Saman.
Much like Dikir Barat, but have more movements involved.
They're cool in a way.

I've got to participate in a dance as well! 
It was quite an eventful night, per say. :D

Afterwards was; The international netball tournament.
A friend came for a visit that day too; Syadza Izzati. Cyeah~
Oh! And before you start thinking of anything, let me answer a few questions;

No, I wasn't there to participate.
 I was only there to cheer for the team from my college.

Why I didn't participate? Simple.

I'm not athletic, 
I don't have enough stamina, 
and I'm darn lazy to even build up my stamina. 
(I like sports, but playing them seriously is a different matter.)

And it was a guy's team, anyway. 
So yeah... figure out the rest yourselves. -_-

The team got third place. It was a good day. :D

After that; PPIP Interaction day~

I kinda forgot about the interaction day until the eleventh hour which was at 2 am of the day of the event.
Had to quickly force myself to sleep and wake back up at 6. The torture (I've set upon myself, I know)~ haha

Anyway, the day went somewhat like this; 

Lots of seniors~
though couldn't find any TESOL seniors though..hmmm..
Lots of absentees~ 
Lots of activities~
Lots of new friends and laughter~
Lots of experiences~

A lil sleepy for the whole day, but it was fun. Ngehehe~ :F

The last event(not exactly the last, but I'll say it was, for now...) I went to was;
Program Malam Motivasi Santai bersama Dato Fazley & Imran Ajmain.
In English; a relaxing night motivation programme with Dato Fazley and Imran Ajmain

Truth be told, I didn't know who Dato Fazley was, 

nor how Imran Ajmain looks like even though I have listened to two of his songs.

when i asked who he (Dato' Fazley) was, people kept on answering me with the same answer;
"Oh come on! He's the winner of Master chef Malaysia tu!" 

As if i even know what on earth master chef even was???'

At last, on that night, I then know how they look like and what the said master chef thingy actually was.

So on and so forth.

Overall, the night was great, there was no doubts about that..

Well.. maybe except for a few things;

like the food, 
the non-existence-of-the-motivation-part-even-though-it-was-called-a-motivation-programme, 
the jealous stares, 
the crazy fans and etc. 

Everything else was splendidly enjoyable. :)

And that is it for the events I've been through.
I'll may be posting on how I spend my free times in Penang next. 
Did you note the 'may'? hehe
Good night. ^_^

Sunday, October 7, 2012

welcomed visitors. :)

Few visitors came yesterday.

My mom and sis. 

They didn't stay very long,

but it was still really great seeing them. love them <3 .="." p="p">

Hope they'll visit again. :]