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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eid 2012. :D

"Selamat aidilfitri~
Kepada saudara serta saudari~
Setahun hanya sekali~
Merayakan hari yang mulia ini~

Di masa bulan Ramadhan~
Kita berpuasa hingga sebulan~
Pabila Syawal menjelma~
Hari raya disambut dengan gembira~"

Again another Ramadhan has passed.
Somehow, it felt as if this year's fasting month wasn't as tiring as last year's.
Maybe it's because I was mostly slouching and snoozing at home this year... hehe..

It has been too long since I've played firecrackers and fireworks with my cousins on the night of Raya.
The last time I played anything fire-ry was roughly about 5 years ago, I think?
Can't remember it clearly... :\

Well, anyway, I managed to persuade my mom to let us stay at our grandpa's house that night;
and we played like we're having a frenzy~

It was crazy fun! ^^
Other than that, we also played Slenderman.
One of my cousins screamed like a girl and almost flipped the laptop off when Slendy appeared...

That's a sight to behold~ hahahaha xD

And compared to last year, this year's raya felt a lot more merrier,
Even though there aren't as much photos taken this time compared to last year... :)

Overall, it was definitely a great Raya for me.
I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Hope it'll be better next year. :D

Happy Raya y'all~! haha :D

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