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Monday, September 17, 2012


Since I've entered USM,
I've kinda made up my mind that I'mma be really really ACTIVE,
Whether it is in class or even outside of class.

That was why I entered this event called Variasiswa!
Okay... more like the name of my team is called Variasiswa, 
for an event called Malam Apresiasi Siswa Merdeka 1 Malaysia. hehe ;p

I actually participated in the Variasiswa cause they asked for anyone who can sing OR dance OR act.

They didn't say that participants have to do ALL!

Nevertheless, since I'm not one to back out off my words,
I went along with it anyway. 
And I'm kinda glad with my decision of not backing out.
It was great fun

There were some sad and painful times,
and we too didn't win the best award,
but the enjoyable times made up for them all.
I've made many new comrades,
Met with much great people e.g. Abang Fud(?) 
don't know how to spell his nickname. haha... 
And went through many ups and downs with them. 
yeah I'm kinda exaggerating since this happened only in a week time. haha..

We didn't regret not winning, 
We've laid out our performance at the very best  that we could.
And we still got a hamper of participation! haha 
So, there was nothing to regret. :)

We even enjoyed the others' performances,
Even our so-called enemies' performances!

They too were great!
What was there to hate? haha

And with that I'll end this post with a note that; 

If there are other events going to be held pertaining my Desa that Indah Kembara to participate, 
I'll try my best to participate as well! 
Roar! Opps! Wrong collage. Ssssss~ 

Wish me luck on trying my best to have the best of both worlds ei? haha ^^

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