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Friday, September 14, 2012


I haven't got much free time, so here's the gist of my life in Penang.
Yesterday was my birthday. 
19th to be exact. :) hehe

13th of September. 
Every year.

Variasiswa was and is killing my legs,
but still doing it! Roar! 
Wish us luck for tomorrow night! ;F

The stairs are still my then and current most hated enemy.

The hospital/clinic a.k.a. Pusat Sejahtera is quite near.
Am using that to my advantage! ;p

Am falling in love with their (USM) library.
Am believing that will be spending more time there after this.

Just noticed I'm stupidly joining/participating anything I see.

Hmmm... killing myself in little bits unbeknownst-ly... hahaha

Going through them anyway! 

USM and Penang is quite a nice place to be in...

Except for the weather and some other things... :\
But overall, still nice! :D

And that's all for now. Good day. :)

PS: I'd like to thank a new good friend of mine, Hanis, in which has been very kind and supportive and a lot more like being there for me and for the ever awkward-ish (at least, on my part I felt awkward being sung to a birthday song by my whole class whom I'm not really that close to yet) birthday wish. haha 

Anyhow, thanks Hanis. It was thoughtful and sweet. :)

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