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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ping Pong, anyone?

Went to KL.



...Yes, again. (-_-")

My dad’s house, just to be exact.

Dad bought us some Briyani Rive at an Arabic restaurant call “Saba Restoran” that he likes to go.

One word. Delicious~

That night, dad went out to play ping pong,

Just like every night or day.

But that night was a lil different,

A little different as in, having me n my bro there to see him play.

I was the only girl there.

But the uncles were friendly.

I got to eat dadih too~haha <3

It was really fun to watch them play.

I wish I could play like my dad someday,

or maybe not.

Cause I’m just that lazy.(lol~)

Love you much Dad!^^

Oh! and bro too! haha~

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