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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Now, the REAL post for today…

I went for KPP (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) today!

(Driver Education Course)

For 5 hours!

Thought my legs would go cramp…

But the Lecturer was cool,

So, it wasn’t that boring…

Until the 4th hour that is…

My head was filled with clouds of cotton candies, *yummy*

And a string of yellow duckling… *one duck, two ducks, three ducks…*


As you can see,

I’m not really one to concentrate, much!

My mind was elsewhere at the 4th hour,

And I was bored as hell!

Thankfully, the sayings of “Time flies so quickly” by I-don’t-know-whom,

Really was true!

Cause it really did! *LMAO~*

Thank god!

Some of my friends from DZ were there too!

So, I wasn’t alone…

Anyways, do wish me luck for my computer test after this!

Danke for reading!!! LOL~<3

PS: LOL=Lots of Love
(my friend thought me this, I thought LOL stands for ‘laugh out loud’, but I’m using it for both now~^^ LOL)


  1. fuyyoh.. cpt jek da hbs spm =P
    an an..

  2. la pe salah nye~ dah cuti 9 bulan sbb UPU dpt bulan 9... byk sgt mase nak diluangkan...-_-"