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Friday, October 30, 2009


I kinda wonder why they call "softball" as "softball"?

I mean, seriously! The ball isn't soft at all!

It really hurts when this "softball" thing is thrown at you!

They should have called it as "hardball" than "softball",

Than people will really know that the ball is hard!

But that aside, today was the last day we played PJK for the year 2009!

For next week we're going to have our final examination and after that, HOLIDAY!

...not! I think we're going to have extra classes during the holidays!

A life of a student sucks! but it's still fun at times!

Here are some pics that were sneakily taken by my friend!

Though unfortunately they were all taken by the hind sides only... as I said, they were sneakily taken...

They are still pictures worth taking! Tchuss! 

I notice that my blue sports shirt seems to stand out a bit...

that kinda makes me feel happy...?

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