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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Macaroon? no~ Cameron! :D

A few Saturdays ago, our troop of four went up the highlands of Cameron. Somehow ended up in Tanah Rata, we made a decision to visit a house we've been before, just for old times sake not really intending to stumble upon a place far much better than which we've been seeking for. 

 We, in some way, landed ourselves at Taman Agroteknologi Mardi. 

    It isn't that new of a place. Passed by it before some visits we made to Cameron, but it never poked our interest that much to go in and explore what was actually in there. And somehow that day, we ended up going there and it wasn't a bad decision after all. 


With a RM 3.00 per adult and RM1.50 per students price per entry, 
that ain't bad for a visit to such a magnificent place. :D


There were a lot of different parts in the so-called-garden. 
There were flower farm, apple farm, grape farm, tomato farm, strawberry farm, herb farm, vegetable farm, pear farm and so much more that in that single place that I wonder how we were able to miss such a place to begin with!




And there to was where I found out that my dad is quite a photoholic man, with just the right camera which is my mom's. It was pretty funny looking at him taking photos of himself and my mom.  It's not as if I don't do so myself, but it's a funny sight for me. hahaha


Alas, we weren't able to go to where we first wanted to, but we still ended up somewhere pretty nice to compensate. It was truly an enjoyable exploration for me and my lil troop that day. Happy days, do go on! :D

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