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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Island; Penang.

Made a little visit to Penang a few weeks back. Mom had a meeting there for a few days and got a room with two bunks for herself. Feeling bored and all, we (me and my sis) just decided to go there. And since Syadza is studying in UiTM Penang, we took the chance to make a detour on our first day. In order to get inside UiTM to her, we had come up with two plans. 

Luckily, plan A, pretend-we-were-cousins-to-a-student was a success and we didn't have to use plan B, pretend-I-am-a-student-there, seeing as I still have my UiTM matrix card. Took the time waiting for Syadza to roam inside their library as well. Nobody suspected a thing. Am feeling kinda proud of myself even though it was wrong. Felt like a ninja. haha. Then, we took Syadza for a spin around the area since her class was cancelled for the evening. Had crazy fun and sent her back. 

 Got a lil lost on our way to the island though. The GPS led us to the jetty when we wanted to use the bridge. Kinda gone hectic for a bit cause of that since it was already nearing midnight. But, we were still able to get on the island and to the hotel before then. So, everything ended well, I guess. The next day, went to Gurney Plaza since it's the nearest and spent half a day there, ate lunch at Nando's, playing at the arcade and watching Abraham Lincoln: vampire hunter. Cool movie! 

But somehow, I get the feeling nobody acknowledged that I am at the age of 18-going-19 already cause the guys that were taking care of the tickets looked at me weirdly and discussed with themselves for a bit before they said, "tak ape lah." which vaguely meant "i guess, it's ok." before they let me in the cinema. And even the girl at the McD called me "adik" which meant "lil sis" although she looked awfully younger than me by a year or two. Do I really look like I'm still studying in high school or something? 

Anyway, on our last day, my mom allowed me to pick anywhere I wanna go. So, I just turned on the GPS and pick out the first point of interest that popped on screen, which was the Pinang Butterfly Farm. It's located near Balik Pulau and the price per entry per person is quite high, RM18 for locals and RM36 for non-locals. But, I guess it was worth the price. There weren't only butterflies too. There were lizards, frogs, scorpions, snakes, beetles, spiders, and so much more. Even ducks! We enjoyed our time there. Truly. Even without our men along(my bro and dad). haha


Looking at all the butterflies brings back memories when I was younger. I tend to catch and collect caterpillars and take care of them in Tupperwares in which I've made holes all over it. Usually, the caterpillars that I've caught morphed into moths or small butterflies, never big ones. But, it was still a nice experience. :) 

There was one time that I caught two caterpillars, one pink and the other blue. I took really good care of em at school and hid em somewhere where I thought nobody would found them. Alas, somebody stole em and that had really pissed me off. My friends kinda avoided me that week due to my random burst of outrage. Sorry guys. haha "-,-




.Bugs and other small animals have always made me remember of my childhood. They have always surrounded me when I was a child. They are like my childhood companions in some way. And as a girl, I'm not ashamed to admit that I really like bugs, frogs or any other animals except for cockroaches and stinkbugs because they stink. haha

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