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Sunday, July 15, 2012

36th Bon Odori! :D

Went to the 36th Bon Odori yesterday and met up two of my friends;
Rafaad Roslan and Farid Ahmed Supian. :)
I kinda envy them. Same course and roommate from TESL last time.
Then, going to the same University, UPM next; and again, the same course as well.
Same interest and hobby to boot. How lucky can you get?
I wish my roommate next time will be such as them.
Back to the main topic, I managed to ask my mom to go to the Bon Odori with me!
It was held at the Matsushita Stadium a.k.a. Kompleks Sukan Negara, Shah Alam.
I wasn't able to watch much of the performance though.
Mom wanted to go back earlier, so, we did.
Not before watching two of the dance and drum performance that is.
And the food, my word, the food!!!
 There weren't exactly Japanese food sold there... 
But the price... took my breath away... haha
I couldn't find anything less than RM5 except for the mineral waters... 
 Ate a lot.. no less than RM50 wasted on food...
 I almost killed my wallet today... but still worth it! 
Looking forward to the next Bon Odori next year! whoop whoop! 

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