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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pictures Up!!!!

The pictures here! though a bit late...

Well a month late...-_-"

But they are still here!

Thus, enjoy~!!!^^

This place will never change...

The letter 'H' for me! hihi

This is secretly taken in the MPH bookstores (though it is not so secret anymore)



And more delicious sushis~!!!^^

Onigiri da~!!

This is the DAISO that I mentioned! but I don't know who the couple are! It was caught accidently! Just when I was about to take the picture, the boy just pulled and hugged the girl! It was utterly cute but yet again a bit weird~-_-

S&J, which I didn't get a chance to enter but soon will! Just you wait!

I wish I could wear them... but that will always remain a dream I guess *sighs*

And for the ending... the RED car that I also mentioned in my previous post! Isn't it awesome, right?

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