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Monday, January 21, 2013


Hence, my first sem as a TESOL-ian in USM has ended at last. I don't know if I did good or bad for my final exam, I don't believe I did quite well though but what's past is past. Truth be told, I wouldn't say I like much studying in USM actually; note, only the study part. I like USM, really, it is a really good place to study in and Penang is awesome in its own way but I'm kinda finding it a lil bit difficult to catch up on my studies. Unlike in Tesl days, the lecturers like their students to be autonomous learners, and by autonomous, I meant it as in an extreme way. I don't really mind the idea because it is a good notion and I really believe it'll help the students for like A LOT in the future but I had expect the lecturers to assist us to be accustomed to the learning style at least for the first sem. Alas, NO. I'd thought wrong. They just went like 'BAM!' and expect us to be good at it from the start! Nevertheless, I wouldn't say it's anyone's fault but my own though, cause I guess, it is my own fault for not be able to adapt to it when everybody else could (or so I believe). I somehow miss my comrades who I had struggled with together, last time in my TESL days. It was so much more bearable and comforting to have comrades with you during your worst times. I wouldn't say I don't have any comrades here, but they aren't exactly in the same course as mine so they wouldn't feel much of my struggles as how I couldn't understand theirs. I somehow really believe that what had made my stay here in USM are probably due to a few people of whom I have befriended and food. Mostly food though. I'm so getting fat. So, I guess, I'll just have to try and be better next sem. Wish me a ton of luck and a spring full of guts to endure these next sem, guys!

Until then, au revoir USM til the day for the second sem begin!

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