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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random-ness from me to you~

Well now… erm..okay…*ehem*
Hello there my dear old blog! Haven’t seen you for a while!

Did ya miss me? Of course ya don’t right... I bet ya hate me now for neglecting you for oh so long now..haha

Well, sorry. I ain’t got no excuse this time.

It ain’t as if I’m busy. As a matter of fact, I’ve got too much time to spare.

I’m just being lazy. Can’t be helped… old habits die hard, see?

After my TESLian days have ended, days just kinda walk by like the cookie.

Yeah, just like them cookies.

One time ya see it and the next time ya don’t. (I kinda hate em and like em at the same time cause of that…)

Nowadays, all there is to keep me company is the internet.

cyeah!!! xD

From the way I’m typing I bet you guys would probably have already guessed that I ain’t got any clue what I’m writing actually.

I’m just writing what’s on my mind and currently; my mind ain’t functioning very well as ya can see. Haha…

When I was younger, my old man always told me that teenagers are always full of energy. So, he won’t ever believe me if I ever told him I’m tired.

And I’ll be like, ‘dafuq?!’ (well, I didn’t actually said it out loud. He’ll beat the shit out of me if I did..”-,-)

But, I still love him though… even with the 3 hours of preaching, the I-know-what-you-did look he always gave me, and the I-am-angry -at-you-because-I-love-you talk he always gave me… yeah, he’s a great dad.

And beneath all that strict side of his, he also has his funny side. One in particular bout him that’s funny is concerning my mother.

My mom has this particular habit of saying what she thought, for instance; she’d say that our walls are kinda empty, or that our garden is too green, if only there are roses, or that our living room looks kinda empty. Most of the thing she said was actually like spurs at the moment. She didn’t actually mean anything, she was just saying what’s she’s thinking at that time.

However, my old man thought otherwise.

He bought dozens of pictures and filled up our walls; he then bought a dozen of roses and planted them in front of our house. He also bought some mats and sofas and filled up our living room with em.

He was kinda happy with his work until my mom asked, “Why on earth did you buy so much roses, and pictures and furniture? Do we really need all those?”

That made him dumbfounded. And I laughed so hard.

me mom and me dad. that shadow's me bro! :D

 My mom who speaks what she thinks; and my dad who does what he thinks.

An odd but good combination, ei? Hahahaa~

Talking about furniture, I recently watched a video made by IKEA.
It was about how we can make good use of spaces, even the smallest space in our house, just with imagination and creativity.

I soooo want to try em if I have my own house one day!

BTW, this 19th, our Medsi interview result will come out! I don’t know if I’ll get em but I wish I do..

Oh! Did I mention that I went to take my Medsi last month?

I kinda overslept on the day of the test, luckily my place and the place for the test ain’t that far and I've already prepared the thing I needed the night before…*phew~*

It was a 1 hour test consisting of 300 hundred questions!!! Talk about WOW!

I was a lil bit afraid at first, but I did em in 15 minutes and went out afterwards just like that.

Felt like a boss! Haha

It doesn’t mean I’m overconfidence or anything I tell you, so, don’t get me wrong! It’s just that I dunno what to do since I’m already done. Why can’t I go out with only that as a reason? :I

Meanwhile, my mom and dad have plans for this upcoming end of month. They’re going to Turkey!! Whoop whoop!

le istanbul! wow! (picture not mine)

I’m really glad for em! They have been planning for so long now, I hope they’ll enjoy
themselves there then! They deserve it once in a while! :D

My sister is jealous of em though. She kept on saying “Tak adil! Tak adil!” meaning ‘No fair! No fair!’. I kept on telling her, “How is it not fair that they are only now able to go to Turkey, as in, only now at their age, and you want to go now at your age?”

...and we debated long and hard (that sounded dirty but you know what I meant..haha) on that over our dinner. My parents just laughed at our antics… =w=

The clock on my laptop says that it's already 3.16 in the morning, so I guess that's it from me for now!

I'll try posting bout some other things I've been doing this few weeks next time...

Good night! :D

PS; but as I've said, I've been lazy,
so, don't be expecting much from me, ei? hehe

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