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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sports week~!!!

Last week was sports week fer my school~!!!!
My feet was sore all week~>[]<
And it ain't cause of the sports at all!!!!
It was because of my stupid, hilarious, and naughty friend, Kang Shen!!!
I knew at the very beginning that his suggestion fer me to run with him around the field was a very bad idea,
but my stupid side won over me and I just chased him around the field!
and the most unexpected thing happened!!
I dropped, face flat onto the ground!!!!*blushs*
After that, my left ankle sprained and I can't run fer a week!*sucks*
I blamed him fer that! =_=
Back to the main topic!
My group, Rajawali worked really hard this year!
even if we aren't the first~
at least we aren't the last!!!^[]^///lol
Oh! and the most hilarious thing happened!
last Thursday, was the day that said 'Kang Shen' will be running on!
He asked me to calm him down (as he was really nervous at the moment!) and root fer him when he ran!
but instead, I said , or better yet mumbled that he'll fall when he's running,
like 'he'll fall~ he'll fall'~ he'll fall~'
and he did!
the moment the baton was passed to him, he fell!
"OMG! I never thought that I really cursed him!!" I thought!
but his group still won the race, (so, he can't really blame me right? *nervous*)
after that, he blamed me fer cursing,
(he knew that I was cursing him cause I was mumbling that "he'll fall" out loud that time ;p)
but, we all made a joke out of it! XD
So, everything ended well, right?-_-
Oh~!!!! >w<
The pictures will be up next! 0w0

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