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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Try it.

I don’t believe it’s bad to trying out new things. It may seem or feel weird at first, but I don’t believe it’s a bad thing. Nope. Not at all.

As a matter of fact, I love trying out new things just for the heck of it. I might hate some, I might love some. I might even regret some, but I believe that this is what people have to go through in life; that is you have to make your own decisions. Always.

Sometimes, you might fall. Other times, you might crawl. But, you still have to move on, no matter what; because time will never wait for anyone. It’ll always carry on and on with its job. Even if we were to stumble and fall or get so sick you can’t even get out of bed anymore; it just won’t wait.

The truth hurts and life is never a bed roses. Never.

So, I believe one should always try to enjoy what is in their life; and there are endless new things to do in life. Endless.

A new appearance, maybe? Since you've always had long hair, why not trying out a short haircut or a perm or maybe dreadlocks for once. It’ll be fun, don’t you think so too?

Or maybe trying out a new style of clothing? There are all sorts of style like preppy, punk, modest, sophisticated, sporty, shlumpadinka, edgy, vintage, western, nautical, beachy, futuristic, rocker, casual, formal, or even hippie.

Whatever floats your boat I guess? (As long as you are comfortable in them.)

However, I believe the best way to trying out new things would be; to travel the world. Every culture and society is different to another; their food, religion, races, language, clothing, etc. Nearly everything is different! And that’s where you come in the picture. Travel the world, meet new people and understand the diversity of it all!

On the other hand, I understand if you don’t have the money to do so. So instead, you can just try out small things that won’t use much of your money like reading a genre of novels that you aren't used to or listening to a different genre of songs than those in your playlist or maybe learning a new language and discover some words that sound the same in your own language ( but has different meaning in another language or cooking up a new recipes or watching a new TV series. 

There are just so many new things to have a shot at and you would never know if you like some things unless you try them just as how you would not understand someone until you get to know them.

So, don’t just holed up in your own shell and wait for the days to past. The world is a vast place fill with amazing amazing things. One just needs to explore and find them out to experience them as they won’t just show up for anyone. It will take some of your effort but the end will be worth it.

So, why won’t you want to trying out new things?

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