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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A message in a message.

I   ave taken a lil of my time just to write. To write what has been on my mind lately. As current, my mind's a jumble and it's not a pretty sight. L  st year was a fulfillment of sorts. I achieved many things and done so quite lavishly with few friends and families to whom I care most. Nonetheless, it'll be a lie if I were to say I didn't fail at anything. As such did I make much accom  lishments, I too have many regrets and foundering moments that I wish I could change or make better. Su  posedly, I should have tried more, worked harder, pushed myself to the limit. But I couldn't. Better   et, I didn't. I wouldn't. I couldn't lie to myself that I knew. I k  ew it all along. It wasn't that they were impossible. I mad   them impossible. Now it was too late. The deeds were done. And the year has passed. I kne   it was no use regretting but it still felt sore. Now a new year has begun. New resolutions? Should I? I don't reall   see the point. I didn't really achieve last year's resolutions. Why now? Seems like a waste. How  ver, a part of me is still holding on, I guess. Holding on to the thread that I may attain my goals, my dreams that I've regretted unable to secure before. "New year, new me!" they always say. And m  ybe, just maybe, I'll do so too. 

Sincerely with utte   respect,

Hannah Yee

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