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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm sorry!!!

*sighs* it's been a while since I lay down and see the blue sky....


Oh, sorry bout that rumbling...

And yes, I’ve promised to write something about my trip to China,

but since it will take so much time to write about it,

and my head is spinning quite a lot nowadays,

I’m gonna have to say sorry cause I’m not going to write about it.

I don’t really have any mojo to write about it.


Ehem, moving on…

Living in Uitm has brought much hectic-ness in my life…

Assignments, quizzes, assignments, quizzes, assignments…

Most of my days are filled with only that… haiz….

Well, I made times for myself too,

Such as hanging out with friends, drinking coolblog, playing water beside the lake, sprouting profini-- haha…, and as such! :D

I’m having quite the time of my life really! (ignoring the assignments, quizzes, some lingering feelings for home, awfully annoying basta***, and etc etc~)

I’ve stumbled upon some problems along the way,(many actually!)

But, I’ve managed to burst through it! And I meant about the BURST part. :)

My migraines coming up again… urgh… logging out…

PS: sorry peeps! I’ll try to write more some other time… :'(


  1. Hye Hannah~~~~~ XDD
    recognize me?? :3

  2. unfortunately.... i have NO idea...:\

  3. lol. u need to mention those, like, an unnecessary comment on FB.
    all da best in living in UiTM!!

  4. hahaha sorry, didn't think that i'll be abandoning my blog so long...blah-blah-blah.. Hannah, ni Adlina~~~~hik hik hik

  5. la......... cheh......... haha............ welcome then ad! :F