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Friday, July 31, 2009

High Fever!!! -_- ~~


I just caught a high fever of 40.1 Celcius!!!

My head felt it was splitting into two,

and because of it I had to skip school to go to the hospital...

Well maybe it wasn't such a bad thing,

I won't have to face the wrath of my teacher's burning rage for didn't send the homework that she had asked about 3 weeks ago and for failing in her subject!!!

(I'm really, really sorry teacher!!! I'll make it up to you one day... somehow? haha...? Please don't kill me...)

When I went to the hospital,

I was like nervous as hell at the taught where what if I caught dengue or H1N1!!!

That'll be like the end for me!!!

I was kinda relief when the doctor said that it was just normal fever,

but it still sucks to feel this hell of a migraine!

Just a while ago, I nearly fell into a drain!

All the passerby were like holding theirselves to not laugh at me. (I blame the migraine for it!)

Then, that's all for todays update. Tschüs!

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